Draw, paint, get creative to release frustration and get in touch with your inner feelings

Some years ago I’ve found myself living alone and had lots of time on my hand. I wasn’t at my best those days; I felt pretty low most of the time, sometimes even depressed and was full of frustration. To release these uncomfortable feelings piled up inside me during the years I wanted to do something that kept me occupied and entertained and gave me a break from the hell I was in, emotionally most of the time. Sometimes I felt a very strong push from inside to get in touch with my inner world, so I wanted to do something that helped me forget about everything around me and directed my focus inside.

I have felt attracted to drawing for about two decades, but somehow I have never managed to find time for it. I have done some drawing and painting in primary school and enjoyed it very much. Then life took me on a roller coaster ride and drawing became only a nice memory for me. So I thought this might be the right time to figure out why this inner voice keeps whispering from time to time draw, draw, draw…

One afternoon I went to town to purchase the necessary tools and sat down to draw. I started with the basics and spent some weeks with practicing. After a while I felt comfortable enough to draw figures and portraits and had my own ideas of the schemes I was drawing. I was pleased with the results and realised how drawing really helped me think through what I really wanted from life and took me out for hours of this stressful world completely. I was so happy it worked for me, it was exactly what I wanted. There was no surprise there I got addicted to drawing and in a very short time I made many of them.

Each drawing had a special role in releasing my emotional blockages, expressing desires and wishes from my heart. After completing every single one of them I felt better, happier and much, much calmer. This was the time when Whirlwind and Eternity was born amongst many other drawings of mine. Later on I made them into black and white pencil and water colour paintings.

Whirlwind A3 poster

Whirlwind as the title suggests represents the love, which can suddenly appear, when it flashes into two strangers’ hearts the moment when they first get in touch. They are full of hopes and desires and they are tied together by their overwhelming emotions, feeling like they always knew each other from the beginning of time although they haven’t met in person yet…

How the story ends?  Well, it’s up to you to decide. If they manage to stay together in the “eye of the whirlwind” they will be tied together forever… If they can’t their love will be as short lived as whirlwinds are. Mine certainly was like a whirlwind, but as it disappeared it gave place to something more amazing, a different kind of love.

Eternity A3 poster

Eternity was born a bit later, towards the end of this period. As the title suggests it is symbolising eternal love. It is about finding your soul mate, your other half, and from that moment loving each other, caring for each other, staying together till the end of time. The black and white stripes symbolise Yin and Yang, the Female and Male energies working in harmony. It is also an Infinity sign (∞) turned into an upright position. This is one of my favourite works, so I turned it into a pencil and watercolour painting too.

By now my life has changed completely, but from time to time I go back to drawing or painting when something is emotionally eating me from inside. And the impact is the same on me as it was years ago i.e. calming and therapeutic. I am aware art therapy is one way of helping people to get their conscious and unconscious side in harmony by expressing stuck feelings with colours and drawings. I am glad it worked for me intuitively. If you feel drawn to drawing, painting or other creative activities give it a try. You will know from inside what exactly is right for you.


About the author:
Eva Maria Hunt (Szanto) energy healer: certified Reiki Therapist, Practitioner member of the UK Reiki Federation, S.N.H.S. Dip. Colour Therapy, S.N.H.S. Dip. Crystal Healing, Healing Crystal Jewellery designer.
I am passionate about energy healing and the human energy field. Reiki was an enormous help for me to get better, when I was struggling in many areas… it has completely changed my life. It also inspired me to live my dream i.e. to help and inspire people to achieve their full potential. As a complementary therapist I help my clients to break through barriers, whether physical, emotional or mental to become, who they’re meant to be by using a 4 step method for a stress free, creative, joyful and healthy life. I combine Reiki therapy, crystal healing and the Tree of Life Healing (colour therapy) with self and spiritual development tools. To complement my holistic business I write articles, draw, paint, design and create my stationery and run Spiritual Wonders Crystal and Gift Shop.

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