Introduction to Qigong

Qi Gong is “an ancient Chinese system of gentle movement, breathing and meditation to gain control over your Life Force Energy/Qi/Chi to enhance your quality of life.

A New level of Healthy, in Mind, Body and Soul!

Practising Qigong has many benefits.

  • Physical level: aids the physical body, by helping the immune system and make tension disappear,
  • Emotional level: helps overcome stress and emotional overwhelm
  • Mental level: an amazing tool to bring your awareness to your body, so you get out of your head!
  • Spiritual level: aids raising consciousness and your energy vibration, It expands your “bandwidth”, so you are able to hold more light, and by using your intention it allows you to reach beyond the 3D world and access your soul power.

There are thousands of different schools of Qigong practised all over the world by millions of people. They all fall in 3 different categories:

  • Martial Art Qi Gong (as the name suggests a form of martial art, although certain movements are incorporated in my teaching material too)
  • Medical Qi Gong (exercises to help healing on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, reducing inflammation and speeding up recovery time after surgery)
  • Spiritual Qi Gong (meditation practices)

I combine the latter two in the 1 to 1 sessions, classes and workshops I hold.

My biggest fear with Qigong was, will it get boring? I can assure you it is never boring. There are so many styles to choose from, whatever your skill level or interest, there is something for everyone. And of course qigong is an exciting way of mindfulness.


“I practise Qigong every morning. These exercises are not only fun to do, but really help me to get into a good frame of mind to start my day the best way possible.” Anna


“I am a therapist, working with clients on deep mental and emotional issues daily. I feel drained and exhausted by the end of the day. Since I have been practicing The Crane and The Bear I have more energy and I feel so much better emotionally.” Martin

Eva Maria Hunt, Certified Qigong for Health Teacher

I started with building up my Reiki practise, helping women, who are stressed, depressed, feeling not enough and being emotionally out of balance to become the best version of themselves.  With time, I studied other healing modalities: crystal healing and colour therapy to add to the range of treatments I offered. Because I wanted people not only enjoy the benefits of the Reiki treatments, but also being able to learn energy tools that they can fit into their daily habits.

In 2013 I was drawn to an amazing internal martial art called Bagua. I had practising that for my personal self- and spiritual development for 2 years with a long term goal of becoming a Bagua teacher. However a health problem made me realise this wasn’t meant to be, so I started to search for a similar art of movement, which is less demanding on my joints. This is when I have found qigong, a self-healing art that I was able to do in my condition. I have to admit I have treated it, as a second best at that point, but with time, practising qigong proved to be really beneficial on all levels.

  • My body became stronger, and it was able to heal itself,
  • I learnt to release harmful emotions and balance my mood better,
  • I managed to conquer my mind-chatter and
  • I have reached new spiritual heights with the help of qigong meditations.

So much so, in 2014 I became a certified qigong for health teacher with many years of experience in energy healing to teach this beautiful self-healing art to others. Today with almost a decade of being a qigong teacher and 13 years of being an energy therapist, visionary and a multi-passionate creative, I have an extensive knowledge and experience in working with the energy world.

If you decide to work with me online, you will get a unique combination of insight into your energy system and useful qigong exercises to

  • get healthier,
  • prevent illnesses and
  • become happier.