Feel Enough & Find The Key to Abundant Health, Love & Happiness!

Feeling like a victim?  Seems like the Universe is punishing you? The real issue is you are energetically stuck in your “human-self”/ego-self/lower-self! I teach you how to lift up, and see from your soul’s perspective and emit the right vibes to manifest abundance with the help of the Law of Attraction and Energy tools.

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I work with those, who DON’T FEEL ENOUGH, or HAD ENOUGH to connect with Their Higher Nature for Healing TRANSFORMATION. I help those, who

  • can’t switch their mind off,
  • feels broken after a relationship issue,
  • suffers from mental health problems (depression, anxiety),
  • struggles with emotional overwhelm,
    (may be a sensitive intuitive or empath, just not aware of it yet or already figured it out, but doesn’t know what to do about it) 
  • is on a difficult soul path, and in need of holistic & spiritual guidance…

What do you get out of working with me?

  • a huge boost of energy
  • a raise in the frequency of your energy vibration to attract better realities towards you
  • inspiration, empowerment
  • knowledge of how the energy world / quantum world works and how can you use it to your advantage
  • techniques on how you can control your own thoughts and emotions, rather than them controlling you
  • tools on how to deal with the impacts of others’ energies
  • strategy on how to go with the flow i.e. work in harmony with the supportive energies of the Universe
  • you start to see both the human and the soul (spiritual) side of you and learn to attend to both of their needs
  • and so much more…

This is a breathtakingly amazing world I open the doors for you to. Are you ready to step over the threshold?


Our world is changing very rapidly and more and more people get lost in it, one way or another. Not feeling enough is becoming an epidemic that is the underlying issue of many mental and emotional disease, which in serious cases can lead to attempting or committing suicide, etc. Some people have a difficult time remembering that they have a reason to be on Earth. And also that being here, now, is an amazing opportunity to make the world into a more responsible and loving place.

Soul-level empowerment is a unique way of accessing your full potential that offers you a healing transformation that directs your attention back to who you really are i.e. a soul / spirit in a human vessel. When you “remember” who you are, you are able to connect from your heart to the entire Universe and Source energy. We all have the ability to connect to our soul, our inner heroess and hero and decide to raise up from the level of consciousness that holds our soul imprisoned and makes us think that we are our body only, and set it free to embody our purpose, now, on Earth.



Who are my clients? In what way I help them? When they turn to me? What does soul-level empowerment mean?


How becoming aware that you have an energy field allowing you to become empowered? Example: some tools for sensitive intuitives


Your Ego, i.e. knowledge collected and experiences gathered in this lifetime (Lower Self) vs. Your Soul, who has the wisdom of your higher purpose (Higher Self). Your 5 senses guide you on the physical level and your 6th sense is allowing you to venture out to the Universe. You need different tools in the energy part of you to be able to manage all levels effectively: Mind, Body and Soul to live a rewarding, happy, healthy life.


In 2010, when I have started off on this path with my business in holistic healing, this quote already resonated with my clients and it is even more true now:

“Millions of people sense that this is an extraordinary time; that a paradigm shift of human consciousness is now under way; that we are at the crossroads of change and must move toward the healing of ourselves and our planet. Many people are feeling a strong desire to help change our present and future conditions and are looking for ways to use their heart, spirit-aligned wisdom and care to make a meaningful difference.” (Global Coherence Initiative)

The society we live in, our own perception of the world can be the very thing that holds us back from knowing, sensing, what our role is in this large play on Earth.

Do you feel the emotional pressure building inside of you?

Do you feel that something wants to surface, some things you must let out, let go of, in order to be happy, balanced, fulfilled?

The pressure is real. Both men and women are suffering from being measured by inappropriate qualities to their own nature. Nothing in any of the extremes, whether positive or negative can work for long. We must find the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies, in ourselves and than it will reflect back to our immediate environment and cascades out to our society…

Are you ready to make the change? I would be honoured to assist you.

Click how would you like to start / continue your journey to Feel Enough and Be Seen for Who You Truly are?

Not sure yet? No problem. Please read on.

Emotions are the language of your soul. So when you feel angry, frustrated, emotionally exhausted, your soul is trying to signal you that you need to change something inside of you. Maybe the way you think about others? Maybe the way you feel about yourself? Maybe you just got to a dead-end, but you keep pushing?…

Do you ONLY pay attention to your physical BODY, and end up feeling like this?
  • I am unable to turn my mind off.
  • I tend to over-analyse everything.
  • It feels like my thoughts are controlling me.
  • I seem to feel too much?
  • I am emotionally exhausted.
  • I feel I need to be perfect and need to do everything perfectly all the time.
  • I am so frustrated I can help others with their issues, but when it comes to me I am clueless.
  • I am so angry…
  • I am like a sponge, constantly picking up others’ emotions. How is that even possible?
  • I feel so irritated, frustrated, helpless…

You are making a huge and potentially dangerous mistake!

These statements above, all describe an energetic state of being. Your thoughts, emotions and even your body is made of energy. You are a stunningly complex energy being, in which your physical body is only one layer, the densest part of that gorgeous bundle of Energy that You are.

So what happens when you ignore the Energy part of you, even believe that it doesn't exist?

Simply put you are missing out on a huge chunk of energy hygiene. Yes, you do look after your physical body by washing it, moisturising it, etc. But what about your energy body? If it is not in a good state, you fall ill more often, you get depressed, anxious, you are unable to sleep, you take lots of medication… Basically you become the victim of your own thoughts and emotions…

You are not a doctor, but from trial and error you have worked out throughout your life if you have a physical symptom, like a headache you try to sleep it off or eat more healthily, or drink more water, and if none of these work you take a headache pill, right? If it still doesn’t go away you go to the doctors.

However when you feel constantly angry, irritated, emotionally exhausted, even energetically attacked, you are not very sure what to do about it. 

You are not a failure!!! There is a completely logical explanation to all what happens inside of you and most of all there is help!

So what do you do, when the going gets tough? You try to hide how you feel, how exhausted you are and blame yourself for not being normal, good enough… You get the picture. Right?

This is the point, when it comes handy to get to know your energy body and how to look after it, because your problem is not the stressful situation, but your reaction to it, which is energetically imprinted in your energy field. So simply trying to change the situation with positive thoughts, won’t help.If you want to make lasting changes to your mind and how you feel, you must learn how to release that stuck energy through breathing and working on your body.

My job is to help you balance and raise your energy vibrations!

I do it with the help of different energy healing techniques, such as Reiki Therapy, Crystal Healing or Energy Coaching.

BONUS: I empower my clients! I teach them energy tools to enable them to care for their energy system, so they can intervene, when they feel emotionally overwhelmed, low on energy, stressed out, etc.

This way you are looking after your entire energy system consisting of your aura/energy field, chakras/energy centres, meridian lines/energy highways… and as a result enjoying:

  • better health,
  • the ability to overcome life’s daily challenges more easily,
  • dealing with stress in a much healthier way oppose to emotional eating, smoking, drinking, etc.
  • you become the one controlling your mind and not the other way round, and
  • your emotions won’t be able to torture you any more,  you can deal with them in a more energy efficient way
  • etc.

How do I work?

 My method…  is to fuse together what works: Eastern Wisdom in Western Living, Science and Spirituality, Logic and Intuition, Hands on Healing and Energy Coaching, Energy Tools and a hint of Magic.

I HELP … you get in touch with your own RESOURCES, GUIDANCE and POWER.

I GIVE… you my knowledge, experience, attention, understanding and lots of useful tools to transform your current habits into your very own SUPPORT SYSTEM.

I TEACH… about the invisible parts of your energy field, which holds the MASTER KEY to your happiness.

I HOLD… a safe healing space for you, so you can FACE the part of you that is hiding in the SHADOWS and holds you back, so you can FREE yourself.

Who do I work with?

90% of the time I work with women from all walks of life from entrepreneurs to stay at home mums. It doesn’t mean I do not have male clients. They are very welcome too.

I fell down and got up so many times, I lost count of it...

I have reached MAGICAL HIGHS, feeling like flying (no substances involved), when everything seemed to fall into place, really living my dreams.

And there were the HORRIBLE LOWS… the darkest times, when I would rather ripped my own heart out than keep living my life in constant, intense emotional pain. Obviously I couldn’t do that, so I had no other choice, but learn how to transform it…

Therefore I have tremendous first hand experience in getting to know and transforming my SELF along with helping others to do the same, when working with my clients.

What my clients say?

When I work with you I listen to you and see your potential and I hand you energy tools, my knowledge and my experience to guide you how to get in touch with all that wisdom inside of you to become the best version of you.

Thank you for today’s session. You have a HUGE IMPACT ON MY EMOTIONS AND MIND. I feel lighter and brighter, my mind is full of good thoughts and intentions and it’s liberating working through the notes I make at your sessions, during the week. I was beating myself up for slipping backwards this week, but now I realise there’s years of negative firey emotions to work on and change, and I am in a better place than I was two weeks ago. Thank you for your guidance and questions… by answering your questions I’m finding my own answers.
Adele, UK

AMAZING, RELAXING REIKI! The whole package, reiki and emotional coaching is very beneficial, life changing and relaxing. The difference is in incredible! Noticed by others too Lisa, UK

Eva is a truly positive energy force in her own right. Coupled with her skills as an energy therapist, this makes her invaluable to anyone wishing to EXPLORE THEIR ENERGY, OR IMPROVE THEIR SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING. I immediately felt an impact from visiting her. She explains clearly and patiently how the world of energy works and makes all her interactions very relevant to your own personal circumstances and requirements. Her combined reiki and energy coaching sessions were probably the most relaxed moments in my life so far. Very much recommend.Emma, UK

EVA’S WARMTH SURROUNDS YOU FROM THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE. She is highly empathetic, can discern what you need, but also gives you the chance to talk if you want to. The treatment itself is very relaxing and you can keep the peaceful feeling going with the exercises she gives you to do for yourself… A beautiful result from a beautiful ladyLaurelle, UK

gci-logoI am a GCI Ambassador
“The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems…. GCI is helping people realize the interrelation of these forces and the ever-deepening resonance and nurturing of spirit precipitated by coherent heart-based human connections. GCI seeks to demonstrate that increasing heart connections will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world and consciousness.”

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