Embark on a transformative journey of personal and spiritual growth with renowned empowerment expert Eva Maria Hunt.

Eva is a spiritual guide, energy healer, and creative, a Starseed from Vega, the Lyra star system. Helping individuals to connect with their intuition, navigate the spiritual realms and break free from the matrix.

Moon Goddess Oracle Journey to 5D

This unique card deck is designed to be a transformative tool on your spiritual path, a gateway to the 5th Dimension, and your soul's purpose.

Delve into the energy world with 61 of my channelled paintings, infused with potent messages that transcend dimensions. BONUS: Numerology cheat sheet!



Whether you need help with emotional overwhelm or energetic imbalance, maybe wanting to overcome your karmic or ancestral patterns, or raise your vibration, you are in good hands.. You can choose from Online video healing sessions or Distant Healing sessions delivered via whats app...

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Personal Readings

Are you curious what the future holds for you in Love, Health or Career and Finances? My speciality is being able to connect with You energetically and reveal the underlying energy of the situation, so you can find answers, confirmation or guidance on what to expect and/or do...

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Personal Readings


These online coaching sessions help you to refocus and to overcome obstacles on your path

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