In case no one told you this today You are Beautiful, as you are. And very much loved!

Self-love is not selfish. We should all celebrate our individuality…

Hi, I am Eva, Spiritual Guide & natural Healer, bridging the Physical and the Spiritual. I help mostly women connect to their core individuality and soul purpose to heal & celebrate the brilliance of their True Self.

Looking to be Seen, Heard & Being Unapologetically You, but unsure how?

Work with me – It’s all about You

  • You feel abandoned, rejected, unloved…?
  • You are too emotional, sensitive, angry, frustrated…?
  • You feel you don’t belong, want to go “home”…?

When you understand how you are put together energetically a new worldview opens up to you and everything starts to fall into place. So you can stop being triggered and start feeling a deep connection within and with others…

Feel seen and heard,  rewarded, empowered… truly alive. Let me be your guide to connect you with your soul.



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My focus is on You & Your relationship(s)

To do my bit on raising consciousness, I am focusing on relationships in two different sense:

  • your relationship with yourself – I help you to work through your fears and allow you to choose to love who you are,
  • your romantic relationship – I assist you to find your vibrational match,
  • Your relationship with money & the Universe in general – I help you shift from the engraved pattern of struggle and lack consciousness to prosperity consciousness…

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The big picture

There is a global shift happening right now, energetically, which allows us all to move from survival strength into heart-based power, i.e. from duality to oneness. It is happening in different stages, as the level of consciousness is raising higher and higher.

At these unprecedented times many people started to go through the awakening process. Moving from 3D to 4D.

In 3D, people are vibrating on a low energy frequency, making decisions from fear and living their life in survival mode. It is about acting from their ego, from their distorted masculine and wounded feminine energies.

In 4D, people are awakened, but still working through negative beliefs. They are open spiritually, they see the world through the eyes of their soul. However it is an in-between state, sometimes falling down in frequency to fear, other times being able to connect with their heart and make decisions from love. They start healing their distorted masculine and wounded feminine energies and working towards balancing them out, whilst working through karmic and ancestral patterns.

We ultimately are moving to 5D, which is about being fully awakened and connected to our hearts and each other in unconditional love. The work has begun, but there is a lot to do to reach this level of consciousness.

When I work with you…

I connect with your energies and find your blind spots. Then we map out the steps together that can take you, where you wish to be, to live a joyful, balanced life and attract your vibrational match in relationships.

I do this through online coaching/ mentoring sessions. I create customised packages for you to aid your progress, which can include:

As an intuitive I am tapping into different energy currents of the Universe and I am absolutely in love with this invisible world.

As an artist I channel energies and make them come to life on the canvas. You can use them in alignment with Feng Shui to activate/energise certain areas of your home or as a spring board to getting into a meditative state.

Are you ready to make this shift?
Drop me a message! Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Eva x

My Mission

My mission is to show you how to Love Who You Truly Are!

I help you find your way back home... to find that feeling of belonging.

I established my business, Spiritual Wonders in holistic healing in 2010 with helping women who were depressed… Here is an interview about me & my work (Sept. 2023)

Book Contributor

With my artworks & messages, as a colour therapist, I contributed to VIBE Book (Nov. 2021). Waterstones

A unique collaboration of colour experts from around the world.

“This is more than a book, it is a movement and has the power to change lives.”

Check out my artist website, Soulful Art, here!

Book Co-author

Women Leading in Our New World (July 2022). I am one of the co-authors of this book. My chapter is: Shine Your Unearthly Light.

Messages from global trailblazers will help you navigate and lead your way in this new world.”


Raise Your Vibration with My Artworks & Card Decks

I love to work with the energy of the Soul whether painting or healing it. Here you can see links to my artworks that can be bought as fine art or canvas prints or as my two beautiful oracle decks.


I have nothing but a glowing respect and admiration for the care and attention that you paid to me as someone who was semi sceptical about the whole process of spiritual growth and healing. It was a very rewarding experience for me, and somewhat of an eye opener, as well as BIG HELP IN SETTING ME ON A CLEAR & INSIGHTFUL PATH, IN TERMS OF MY RELATIONSHIP that had broken down. You showed me a way of recognising and dealing with the pressure involved with a relationship breakdown when I was on my own, as well as treating me with care and respect when I was in any of our sessions. In short, thank you so much for looking after me and helping me to heal.

Lee, UK


AMAZING, RELAXING REIKI! The whole package, reiki and emotional coaching is very beneficial, life changing and relaxing. The difference is in incredible! Noticed by others too Lisa, UK


Eva is a truly positive energy force in her own right. Coupled with her skills as an energy therapist, this makes her invaluable to anyone wishing to EXPLORE THEIR ENERGY, OR IMPROVE THEIR SUCCESS & WELL-BEING. I immediately felt an impact from visiting her. She explains clearly and patiently how the world of energy works and makes all her interactions very relevant to your own personal circumstances and requirements. Her combined reiki and energy coaching sessions were probably the most relaxed moments in my life so far. Very much recommend.Emma, UK


EVA’S WARMTH SURROUNDS YOU FROM THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE. She is highly empathetic, can discern what you need, but also gives you the chance to talk if you want to. The treatment itself is very relaxing and you can keep the peaceful feeling going with the exercises she gives you to do for yourself… A beautiful result from a beautiful ladyLaurelle, UK


I am a GCI Ambassador
“The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems…. GCI is helping people realize the interrelation of these forces and the ever-deepening resonance and nurturing of spirit precipitated by coherent heart-based human connections. GCI seeks to demonstrate that increasing heart connections will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world and consciousness.”

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