Reiki & depression. Re-igniting your soul fire

Reiki is a high frequency energy, which works very well with your own Life Force Energy that flows through you and feeds you with vital energy every moment of your life. You are able to channel it as it is your birthright. However Reiki can only be channelled by people, who are attuned to it. Thanks for the attunement the practitioner is able to access Reiki energy and using specific symbols channel it through his/her own chakra centres (energy centres). When Reiki is being brought to you it enters your energy flow through your chakra centres, and it is capable of breaking down energy blockages, which were created as a result of your energy being responding to certain events: mental and emotional shocks…

Reiki can work as a preventative method to avoid these energy blockages manifest as a physical illness in your body, or can aid to heal existing illnesses faster and more effectively by treating the root cause.New! Virgo Love & Healing from 8th April 2024. Virgo is the Healer of the zodiac, tuned into nature and the healing arts. On every Friday we delve into love and healing on a whole new level with my Energy healing series. On the top of introducing you to the world of healing from my perspective I bring you amazing people, who are showing a new angle on the subject and or offer healing services.
To find out more: https://spiritual-wonders.com/reiki/
To experience Reiki distant healing for grounding, cleansing & balancing sign up to the “Ascension Hub” Membership level!

Keep tuned in for the next episode, where we explore the magical world of Feng Shui

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