Mind Your Thoughts – Change Your Life with Positive Thinking Part 1

You probably have heard of the importance of positive thinking before. You might have even tried it for yourself acknowledging quickly you are good at this. On the one hand you think about yourself as a positive person, so much so, you might be asking as you read this article: for God’s sake, how hard it can be?

On the other hand you still are suffering of low self-esteem, money issues, struggling with different kinds of ailments, etc. – Am I right? Well, in this case you might need to improve on your positive thinking skills a little

Why positive thinking is so important?

The answer to this question is very simple. Our subconscious follows what it was told to do. You tell yourself I am an idiot, I can’t do anything right… I am fat…, ugly…, why would anyone want to go out with me… I am sick; my body is falling apart… And then you are surprised after a while this scenario is actually your present situation and you wonder how you could possibly get there. Do you see what I mean?

Beware; there are other dangers of such an innocent looking activity as thinking though. You can easily overdo it. How is this possible? Let me explain it.

Is your mind a chatter box? Do you find it impossible to switch it off? You can’t stop worrying about things, you can’t relax, you always feel the need to be occupied to say or do something. Does it sound like you? Well, the good news is you can change this. These are signs that show you don’t dare “to be alone with yourself”. It sounds strange, but it is not uncommon.

You probably have something that your intuition tries to tell you. You know it deep inside. However you don’t feel ready for it, so you keep ignoring it, and trying to stop it by making every effort to bury it with a huge amount of ice cream, or make it drawn in countless bottles of alcohol or even becoming a couch potato by watching telly whenever it is possible… just to shut that voice be heard from inside. You do everything and anything to stop this strange feeling disturbing you. You want it to stop, and go away for good.
It won’t, I am afraid, at least not this way.

Ok, so your mind is a chatter-box, and you have negative thoughts and expectations. What’s wrong with that?

The Law of Attraction

Everything in the Universe works according to certain laws, including the Law of Attraction. It is working even in this very moment. If you are lacking in any part of your life, i.e. your health, relationship, love, family, financial well-being, etc. it means there is something not right with your thought patterns in any or all of these areas.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

To find answers for this question you need to think outside of the box. Thoughts are brain waves, which resonate on a certain vibration and as such are part of the energy world. Everything in the universe made up of tiny particles resonating on a certain vibration, including your physical body.
You are not equal with your physical body though, you are so much more than that. Your aura is made up of different energy layers.

The Law of Attraction says “like attracts like”, therefore whatever thoughts you hold you will attract thoughts, situations, people with similar vibration to your life. If you are focusing on not having enough money, you will attract the lack of money. If you are focusing on what you already have, what you already achieved in your life instead of what you don’t have you
will most likely to attract more good things towards you.

How can you use the Law of Attraction to your advantage?

You can start restructuring your thoughts to attract abundance right now:

  1. Think about it clearly what you would like to have and ask for it.
  2. Then live and think like you have already got what you have asked for.
  3. Be patient.

Want to know more about this subject? This book could help you in great detail:
The Secret

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