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The Distant Reiki Healing Session is a wonderful way to

  • balance your chakras
  • cleanse your aura
  • boost your energy
  • help with healing emotional wounds,
  • find mental clarity
  • connect to your inner wisdom, etc.

How is Distant Reiki Healing different from in-person Reiki Healing?

With distant Reiki Healing, you and your Reiki therapist are in different geographic locations. As everything in the Universe is made of energy, and time is only linear in our human experience, the healing energy sent from one location, can be received in another.

The connection happens through a picture and intentions set on both ends. You do need to be open-minded, because your beliefs are creating your human experience.

Find out about what Reiki is, FAQ and more by clicking here

Preparation for your Reiki Distant Healing Session:

In preparation for your session please send the following via email:

  • Your mobile phone number with country dial code, as this session is delivered via whats app.
  • A very recent picture of you only. (Please make sure there is no other person on the photo.)
  • Your reason for requesting the sessions i.e. a brief description of your current situation, what issues you are experiencing, what you need help with.

About Your Healing Session:

  • I connect with your energy and voice-record the healing session for you, including personal messages from spirit and my energetic findings.
  • The healing part is approx. 20 minutes, plus the messages, findings and guidance, all together 30 min.

Book your Reiki Distant Healing Session now:

Individual session £44 (approx 56 USD)


Set of 4 Reiki Distant Healing Sessions 

PROMOTION: Get the 4th Session FREE, when you sign up for Set of 4 sessions £134 instead of £178

£134 (approx 170 USD)




Did you know? There are many Celebrities, who love Reiki!

You might be thinking: “Yes, it all sounds good, but will it work for me? In my opinion the best way to find out is to try it for yourself. However I collected some quotes from celebrities from the past 5 years, whose life is full of unusual situations and have to deal with extreme amounts of stress, what they say about this beautiful Japanese practise of healing hands:

“In an article in the Daily Mail, Lord of the Dance star Michael Flatley reported “Doctors said I couldn’t dance for 60 days. But Reiki healed me in just four… For me, the evidence speaks for itself. Healing helps me to overcome many injuries in a short space of time, which conventional medicine just cannot do.”

Michael Flatley -
Michael Flatley –

“Christina Aguilera have given the credit to the spiritual healing technique for losing 30 pounds of weight, reported Contactmusic. “It’s a Japanese method for healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Christina also credits a low-carb diet and yoga workouts for her new look, but Reiki puts her mind in a good place and gives her the discipline to eat healthy and maintain weight loss. She sees a Reiki master for private sessions three times a week,”

Christina Aguilera -
Christina Aguilera –

The list of Hollywood stars, who loves Reiki to combat stress and balance their energy is endless. Here are some more of them:

  • Halle Berry,
  • Sandra Bullock,
  • Goldie Hawn,
  • Kate Hudson,
  • Helen Hunt,
  • Angelina Jolie,
  • Nicole Kidman,
  • Gwyneth Paltrow,
  • Sharon Stone,
  • Uma Thurman…


And now back to the non-celebrity world, here are some testimonials from my clients on Reiki:

“Reiki is for me the quickest and most powerful way to increase my energy, to calm my mind and regain balance. It is my secret energy booster that leaves me feeling recharged and revitalized to face any challenge. The best holistic support you can find.”(Victoria, UK)

I used to struggle a lot with my anger and Reiki has helped me to learn how to balance my emotions. Now I feel happier and balanced and I can view things in a more positive way.”(Glenda, UK)