Light Workers, Divine Feminine – Call to Action for Unconditional Love – Twinflames, Atlantis, Lemuria

A few weeks ago I have published a general article on a similar subject. And from your feedback I know you have resonated with certain parts of it. Last night something amazing happened and I feel guided to share it with you.

Divine Feminine Ascension

If you are a light worker, a healer and / or the Divine Feminine counterpart of a twinflame connection you might be someone, who has been working on their ascension for years now. You have been busy to clear your childhood wounds, eliminate many of your limiting beliefs, and healed different parts of you on many different levels. Now you are more connected to the higher realms than ever before.

You might be aware the Universe really has stepped in this year, to orchestrate what is needed to be done on a global level and sped up the ascension process for all of us. There is a Divine intervention happening behind the scenes right now, which you might be able to sense yourself, if you are aligned with your energies and connected to the Spirit World. I have to say it can be very confusing, if you just look at yourself on the physical level. You might feel like you are going crazy right now, as huge shifts are taking place inside of you, as your alignment with the Divine/with the Universe draws you to a new level.

Divine Downloads Through Dreams – Instructions for Divine Feminines

In the last 3 years I have realised that sometimes I have prophetic dreams, other times I get guidance through my dreams, and yet other times I just intuitively get downloads of large energy shifts. This is exactly what happened last night. I am a very giving person, and I am very loyal too, so in general I don’t fully give up on people, however horrible they might have behaved towards me, because I learnt to see the love inside of them. However the situation I was put in, in my dream was very different from this.  This is not only a message for Divine Feminines in a twinflame contract, but to lightworkers of all kinds too, regarding their inner masculine and feminine energies.

The Woman, Divine Feminine (her Masculine and Feminine energies balanced and united in Unconditional love)

In my dream I have found myself in a room, and it felt like I have to isolate myself completely from everything on the level of the 3rd Dimension, especially men, with their distorted masculine energies. So I locked all the windows and doors, pushed the furniture in front of them, put padlocks on them, not allowing anyone entering what so ever. I had to be on my own to feel the Unconditional Love I have inside of me. I have started to sense in my heart two glowing lights, The Divine Masculine and Feminine. And I felt this overflowing love towards them. At the same time I felt all the fear based emotions that the distorted masculine generates and I realised this locked room really helps to push those feelings away, i.e.  separate the 3D and the 5D worlds. So I have stayed there, basking in this Unconditional Love, this gorgeous self-love, feeling really good about this, getting stronger, and stepping into my power. I had visions of going ahead with my life, not looking back, just going wherever my inner guidance takes me. No attachments, strings tethering me to anyone any more. It’s me and my destiny only, whatever that might be.

Receiving the second part of the message, the bigger picture

As it happened to me many times in the past, it turned out that this Divine Download was only one half of the full message, i.e. it needed to be put in the big picture. When I woke up I have done my morning meditation, connecting with Spirit Tutors with high frequency and authority. Today this very being who I met, came from Atlantis. I was really questioning myself, if I was channelling this, as I have a strong connection to Atlantis, and I was wondering if my logic started to kick in, and I was making this up. And of course by then I lost the connection and couldn’t restore it. As I have reached to my phone to get on with my day, a new video suddenly popped up from one of the psychics (Hawk Intuition), I am following and it all became very clear. I had to watch this to see the bigger picture. And I am telling you it was shocking!

Divine Intervention

Born a Woman, Wild at Heart by Eva Maria Hunt

She said she has received messages last night from the Divine Feminine (Goddess Isis, through the voice of Mary Magdalene) about the Divine is severing contracts between souls, clearing past-life karma, etc. that the souls have been working on incarnation after incarnation. By doing this the Divine are speeding up the ascension process for the Divine Masculines. In a twinflame connection the feminine wakes up first, triggering changes in the masculine, (although triggers go both ways after that, during their connection) so eventually he wakes up too and it can take a long time. If it took you, Divine Feminine, 4 years to work on yourself and your wounds to ascend, thanks to this intervention, your Divine counterpart will get the upgrades in as short as 2 months, which is completely unprecedented…

She also said there are energies pouring in from Atlantis, Lemuria and other ancient civilisations to activate this revolution of Unconditional Love. And this is where my download is connected to the picture.  You must turn your back on the distorted Masculine, the 3D level of your Divine Masculine, and let Spirit deal with him, activating their light bodies and allowing them to become their Divine Warrior selves to find their Divine Warrior Feminine on a higher level. Needless to say the union between the twinflames is inevitable, but not the next step, just yet. They will unite soon, however not all of them destined to unite in 3D. Sometimes their contract helps them to clear out the obstacles between them and unconditional love, also fulfilling their mission, their contract with the Universe, but deciding to chose a soulmate instead, as a partner in 3D, only uniting with their twinflame in the higher dimensions.

We do live at a time on Earth, when anything can happen. With this Divine Intervention literally “God only knows” what the outcome will be.

Either way, Divine Feminines, we have work to do. We are called to work with other Divine Feminines to raise our vibrations and continue on our healing journey.

Lightworkers, Healers, Divine Feminines

Answer your call and be open to unite with other Divine Feminines, who you are drawn to, or them are drawn towards you. You can help each other heal i.e. your combined vibrations will create the conditions for higher lightbody activations in your energy field.

Here is the link to Hawk Intuition’s video for more on this subject: https://youtu.be/Xg896KEBC_s

And this is my guided visualisation, I have created, based on my download, which applies to all of you, (whether twinflames or not)Beautiful Feminines. It is FREE, so you can all enjoy it!

Unconditional Love – Love Yourself with All Your Heart, FREE guided visualisation by Eva Maria Hunt:

With love and light to you All

Eva <3




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