Unleash the power of the Moon Goddess!

Experience profound healing and transformation on your soul’s journey to enlightenment. Tap into the Moon’s celestial energy to awaken the power of the soul embracing the Divine Feminine and offer deep insights into the soul’s path, as you move through the archetypes of Maiden, Mother and Crone within you, on your spiritual path.

As a Starseed from Vega my Super Power is to assist those on their awakening journey, who are in need of energy & emotional healing.

Who is this deck for?

You can benefit from the energies of this deck, whether you are just awakened for the first time, or a seasoned traveller on the spiritual path.

How is the 2024 edition different from the previous one (2021)?

This brand new edition of my magical card deck showcases 61 of my channeled paintings (slightly different from the 2021 edition). I added 3 cards that didn’t make it to the first edition:

  • Eternal love
  • Love-struck
  • Humming Birds

With them being part of the card deck, all areas are covered, including romantic love.

I also changed the display of some of the messages on the cards, to make it easier to work with the cards’ energies.

What do you get with this oracle deck?

This powerful card deck is designed to be a transformative tool on your spiritual path. Delve into the energy world with these unique cards, each infused with potent messages that transcend dimensions.

I combined

  • Grounding Energy Tool Cards (3D)
  • Illuminating Duality Cards (4D) and
  • Transcendental Soul Cards (5D),

so this deck becomes a gateway to the 5th dimension.

You can use them together to give you insights, or separate the cards out to ask each group a specific question:

    • in what way I can improve myself/situation? (Energy tool cards)
    • How can I balance my inner Masculine and Feminine energies? (Duality Cards)
    • What my Higher Self would do? (Soul Cards)

The card deck is accompanied by an 8 page leaflet with information on how to use the deck, and which layouts would be most beneficial whether you read for yourself or someone else.

The power of my channelled paintings

The energy of my paintings assist you in unlocking insights, intuition, and alignment with your soul’s purpose. My artworks act like energy capsules. When you gaze at them, their energy starts interacting with your being and create positive shifts within you.

BONUS: Numerology cheat sheet!

This little extra helps you to combine the power of the numbers with the energy of the card and get more specific insights into your situation.

Elevate your consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discovery with each draw of these cards.

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