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Love Reading – Half Price (3rd July 2020 – 31st August 2020)

30 minutes reading for half of the price. (Original price: £35.00 / $44.00) The reading can be delivered as a voice recording on What’s App or a recorded video (link sent in email, can only be accessed by you and me). You get your reading the following day.

£16.60 / $22.00*    

*Please note the payment is set up in GBP, therefore the conversion rate to US$ can vary.

Email me for a reading:

PS: Please note, when you pay for a reading, the email address appears on the payment will be used for correspondence. In case that is not suitable for you, please email me to from your preferred email address.

Same Day Emergency Reading for emails received by 17:00 GMT, London

£65.00 / $80.00*  

Please follow these steps to avoid disappointment:

  • Step 1. Please pay
  • Step 2. Take a screenshot, as proof of payment and send it to me via email:
  • Step 3. Please wait for my reply.

If your email arrives after 17:00 GMT, London, you get your reading the next day.

Please note, when I am coaching online, or doing readings, I am unable to check my messages. However I do check my incoming emails periodically during the day, so I won’t miss anything. If you don’t hear from me, there could be a technical glitch, you can send me an Instagram message or text T: 07905 806383.

One Life Area Reading

Romantic Love Relationship, Career & Finance, Self-development, max 30 min. £35.00 / $44.00*  

In -depth Reading

Multiple life areas, Multiple questions, everything that fits in…, max 60 min. £65.00 / $80.00*  

What my clients say about their tarot experience with me?

“You completely answered my question and gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. Perfect! I had the impression that the cards were talking to me:-) Quick execution. It is clear, concise and at the same time to the point. Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! ” Milena (One life area reading)

“This reading definitely exceeded my expectations and not only answered my question, but answered questions I hadn’t even asked, but that are actually relevant to the overall energy I am dealing with at this time. Your insights were spot-on and provided me with confirmations of things that either I have sensed or experienced myself or that has come forward in other ways, namely in past readings about this topic, when I was at an earlier stage in the process. It was clear that you followed your intuition rather than trying to interpret literal card meanings, and this made all the difference and allowed information to flow freely. I appreciated your willingness to clarify the information when I asked and your overall demeanour. Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars.” Lisa R. (in-depth reading)

“The extent of the reading was quite enough and I absolutely loved that you pulled some extra cards to improve clarity of the reading. It was totally great. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars.” AFD 

Frequently asked questions about tarot readings and oracle card readings:

*Do you do free readings? Have you got a YouTube channel?

Yes, I do free, general readings on my YouTube channel called Moon Goddess Oracle.

* I don’t have money, but I really need a reading, will you make an exception?

I have a big heart and I used to make exceptions. However people tend to take advantage of that. I love you all, but I love myself too, therefore I set boundaries for the sake of all of us. If you want to experience changes in your life, you need to invest in yourself. I have done my part to cut the price down by more than 75% already on my special offers (subject to availability).

* How do I pay?

Please click on the button next to the type of reading you wish to receive. When I received your payment I will email you the date and time the reading is carried out.

* When do I receive my reading?

I try to do next day readings, but it always depends on how many requests I receive. I email you the estimated time, when I have received the payment.

* How will I receive my reading?

I type it up and message it to you along with a pic of the cards, if it is a special offer, unless otherwise stated. I could send a voice recording on What’s app or we could have a zoom video chat for longer readings.