“5 Aspects of Selflove: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally,”

this online course provides practical tools to overcome obstacles and experience a fulfilling life. Experience profound self-love transformation with

  • energy tools,
  • Law of Attraction techniques, and
  • self-awareness exercises.

Unleash your inner power and change your reality. You are worth it!

This course of mine is only available on Udemy. 

This course not only introduces self-love from 5 different aspects but also gives you practical tools to overcome your obstacles and experience life in a more fulfilling way.

Here is what one of my clients, who took this journey says:

Thank you, Eva, for this deeply loving and soul-awakening journey. You are an exceptional teacher, authentic, wise, and supportive. My eyes and soul have been opened.

Many of us haven’t felt unconditional love ever, in our lives or maybe on a very rare occasion. The first time I personally felt it was when I was 50 years old. Five decades in the waiting. It doesn’t mean though you have to wait this long! However, it begs the question. how are we supposed to love ourselves unconditionally, when we do not even know how it feels like?

It is something that all of us are craving subconsciously, looking for it outside of ourselves, when the truth is, it has been there within us, in our souls all along. The question is, if it is there, how can we reach it, and is it possible to activate it?

The answer is YES! In truth, you have everything within you that you need to love yourself and others unconditionally.

I incorporated:

· Energy tools, guided visualizations to reach your Higher Self, Soul

· Law of Attraction tools, positive affirmations, gratitude to re-program your mind

· Exercises to dig down and become aware of your behavior patterns and face your fears

The journey of self-love can be a very rewarding experience in many different ways if you are ready for the ride.

The bonus is, that when you love yourself the inner work is going to change your external reality in a positive and very profound way.
You are worth it!

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