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Relationships are mirrors to show how much you love yourself

Have you been working on yourself a lot lately, releasing relationship patterns that you were repeating over and over again in the past, only to find yourself in a new one to see Red flags popping up all over the show? What’s happening?

In short, when you are raising your vibration, evolving as a soul, you are being presented with your fears once more to give you a chance to embrace them and integrate the lessons you’ve learnt.

For example self-love wasn’t your strong point in the past, so you kept giving away your power by keeping on giving and not being able to receive, because of your low self-worth. Now finally you have set your boundaries and are being challenged by your partner mirroring back to you “to test you” whether you have learnt your lesson. So this time you might feel that loving yourself and prioritising yourself is the right way to go and if your love interest is the right match for you, you both learn from the situation and heal your own issues.

Therefore Red flags needs to be treated carefully. Sometimes they are keeping you from not to make the same mistakes… other times they are allowing you to see your worth. Which one is true for you?

Let’s find out together!

Online energy coaching with Eva on relationships with yourself and your love interest

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