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Depression from the Soul’s Perspective – Part1 – A Dead End?

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the number of known cases of depression tripled… We lived through some unprecedented circumstances, which challenged everyone on their value system and what is worth focusing on.

The biggest change came from being forced to face ourselves, our choices, where they lead us so far, and what they mean for the future. … and the world just got a bit more difficult to navigate since then.

For many, depression was inevitable.

What if depression is a Dead End? What if it is your body’s way of signalling something is not right, you have to change your thinking and feeling patterns, i.e. learn to manage your energy system sufficiently.

What if it is a choice point of entering the realm of your soul?

There are many types of depression. I am talking about mild and moderate cases…

From this video you can find out: what is depression the symptoms the causes and what options are available to you to overcome them, including self- and spiritual development in addition to talk therapy and / or medical or holistic treatments.

My aim is to raise awareness and offer help, as part of my mission since 2010 is to help depressed women to find a way out and live a happy and balanced life. Offering energy tools, Law of Attraction coaching, Qigong self-healing art and spiritual guidance & development.

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