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Feeling Blue? 3 Steps to Lift Your Mood

I am usually a happy person and very definitely a positive thinker. However occasionally there are times, when I find it extremely difficult to not to fall off the cliff emotionally.

Being an energy therapist and a Law of Attraction Practitioner, I do have all the tools I need to overcome these emotional lows, so you would think, oh it’s easy for her. To be fair it’s easier, when you know what to do, still it takes some willpower to be your own therapist, who understands you, feels compassion towards you, supports you…

Luckily I have amazing friends, who I can turn to, when I am in need of emotional support. It’s still very important to look after myself emotionally, because if I am not able to shift my energy it can spiral down easily and it will be much harder to build the high vibrations back up again. And it is true for you too.

So today I am sitting in my clients’ chair and as I am writing down what I would suggest to my clients as a therapist I am following the steps myself, and working through my own energy blockages. So let’s do it together!

Feeling Blue? What does it actually mean?

This idiom is associated with being sad, depressed, dated back to the 1300s. “”Blue” has been used in this sense for a very long time– Chaucer used it in 1385 in The Complaint of Mars:

“Wyth teres blewe and with a wounded herte” – “with tears blue, and with a wounded heart” “(Marnanel Thurman, linguist)

Well, feeling sad happens to all of us from time to time. I am no linguist, but I believe here the Blue tears are the key for the meaning of the idiom. Feeling sad makes you cry. Water is the element for emotions and happens to be Blue as it reflects the sky…

If you are aware of the power of positive thinking, Law of Attraction and such, you might be beating yourself up, because you know feeling low, means you have a lower frequency, energy vibration than usual, and it is the exact opposite of where you would like to be.

What can you do to pick yourself up, to raise your vibration and become happy again?

Here are 3 steps that you can choose to follow for a quick energy shift:

Step 1. Accept your feelings honestly, and trace them back to what caused them

It’s ok to feel sad, down, low, even borderline depressed sometimes. You have to acknowledge it and accept it how you feel. This is really important! You accept it, so you can do something about it. Emotions and thoughts are closely related, so find out what pushed you out of your cheerful proposition. If it helps, write your thoughts and emotions down, let them pour out of you. You are writing to yourself, no one else needs to see it, or to know about it. If you are afraid of your notes can be found by unauthorised eyes, you can burn them after they’ve served their purpose. This act actually also serves as a fantastic cleansing exercise i.e. letting go of the past, wiping your slate clean, creating space for the new to flow into your life.

Step 2. Love Yourself! Please really do!

Here is how: Start talking to yourself (in your head) as if you are trying to help your best friend, or your little child, someone, who you love. The keywords for yourself here are: Be Gentle! Compassionate! Kind! Loving! and most of all GRATEFUL!

Don’t take yourself for granted! You went through a lot, you helped everyone else on the way to get what they wanted to get where they wanted to be, you gave a lot!!! And now understandably you are tired, hurt, exhausted… even empty. So you are in need of your own LOVE and CARE. Notice and be grateful for your amazing strength, determination, perseverance… for your giving nature, for your ability to help others… for whatever that makes you, who you are.

Be patient!

Give yourself time to recover. Fighting with yourself emotionally, pushing yourself to your absolute limits is as exhausting for your soul as a hard workout in the gym for your physical body. Unfortunately it doesn’t burn as many calories :-), and it’s definitely not good for you.

Find time for yourself!

Please don’t tell me you are so busy, you don’t have time for yourself. If it was George Clooney dropping in for a coffee with short notice would you suddenly have time for him? I would 🙂 That’s what I am talking about it. We tend to find time for what, or in this case who, is important for us.

Value and pamper yourself!

So we hopefully can agree by now you are important! You deserve the rest and relaxation. Have a relaxing bath, watch your favourite film again and laugh out loud, read a fab. book, listen to that song which definitely makes you feel uplifted, buzzing, inspired… Do whatever is your thing, whatever makes you happy!

Step 3. Lift Your Mood with what you like doing

Now be careful here. Yes, you could eat the entire content of your fridge, if you are a comfort eater, or drink lots of wine, even trying to numb your feelings with drugs… but think about it. It only gives you a short uplift, then you fall even deeper, beating yourself up  not only about your initial problem, but also for what you have done now.

So here is a harmless and really enjoyable way to connect with your feelings and lift your mood.

Blue makes us feel Happy

Happy Colours with text
Happy colours by Eva Maria Hunt Energy therapist, Artist

In the idiom Blue might mean sad, however the colour Blue is actually making you HAPPY! Colours are amazing healing tools. Play with them!

If you are brave enough just go with your intuition and choose the colours you want to work with. If not, it’s ok, here are some pointers for you. Research shows that Blue is the colour that makes us feel happy. Not much surprise there. Think about the Blue Sky, the gorgeous Blue colours of the sea. And there are other colours shown in this research that can make us smile again. For men it’s Blue and Green, for women it’s Blue, Yellow and Purple.

What colours make you feel happy?

Here are some colour properties to help you to choose the colours that you are in need of right now: Red is warming, energising, Orange makes you feel more creative and is brilliant for moodiness, Yellow cheers you up, Green is good for inner growth and relaxes the heart, Dark Blue increases spiritual perception and Purple is great for inspiration.

You can see the colours that make me happy on the above painting I created as part of this exercise. For me different shades of Blue, bright Yellow and Orange are essential for a happy picture, although I added a pinch of bright Green and Deep Red too. When you really let your intuition work on the paper, or in my case on the canvas you can feel the energy flowing out of you. When I look at my painting, which I called Happy Colours it reminds me of the sea weeds floating in the water as it moves with the waves. The Golden dots on the top are floating as if the trapped oxygen is surfacing by the movement of the seaweeds. This also describes how I let my harmful emotions go, and what was left is clear colours, and a happy ending. I love the result of my exercise and I also like it much better how I feel now. I am not saying suddenly all of my problems disappeared, but emotionally I am in a much better place. Now let’s see how you get on.

How can you use the colours you have chosen?

  1. Change the colours in your surrounding: introduce colourful throws, cushions in your living room, study even in your office… Coloured candles or beautiful candle holders can work really well, which you can create yourself if you like art and crafts.
  2. Feeling creative? Draw, paint and use “Happy Colours” for your creation. What to draw? Anything. Just doodle!
  3. Do a colour visualisation for a few minutes. I love this one, as it incorporates slow, deep breathing, which on its own helps you to feel more relaxed. So just center yourself, breathe deeply, slower than your normal breathing pattern. Close your eyes and imagine your chosen colour surrounding you. If it’s an energising colour (Red, Orange, Yellow) draw it in through your feet. If it’s a Calming colour (Light Blue, Indigo Blue, Purple) imagine it pouring in through the top of your head or if it is Green just think as if you have a colour magnet in your heart and the Green is attracted from all around you. Draw in the colour and soak its healing vibrations up. When you are ready, open your eyes.

With your mood lifted it’s already easier to work on getting back to normal. Remember to keep being kind to yourself. Loving yourself is a skill, which you already have, you just need to consciously practise it. So keep working on it, because it is the key ingredient for your happiness and well-being.

However if you fell too deep this time, and find it hard to come up on your own I would be happy to help you. I hold SKYPE consultations (Sizzling Summer Deal: 1 hour £45.00) based on Law of Attraction Coaching and includes Energy tools that I teach you to enable you to manage your energies/emotions in the long term. Interested? Please send me an email:

I would love to hear from you how you got on with these 3 steps.

With love


Eva Maria Hunt Energy therapist, Artist trading as Spiritual Wonders

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