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11/11 Gateway on 11th November 2022 – Ready for a Quantum shift?

1111 gateway montage by Eva Maria Hunt Artist
Soul Union and Woman Fierce & Gentle by Eva Maria Hunt Soul Artist

The 11/11 gateway is a powerful portal, which allows you to tune into your soul’s energy and into the Universe.

When you do that, you give permission to yourself and your soul to align with your highest purpose and let this huge wave of light wash away all the obstacles from your way.

It gives you a chance to balance your inner masculine and feminine energies and in a love connection or relationship to balance the energies of the parties involved.  If you give yourself permission to ride this incoming wave, you can experience a quantum shift.

Therefore today is the day to get clarity on what you want in love and in life…

Useful tips to manage your energies today:

  1. Cleanse your energy field and the space around you by burning sage
  2. Ground your energies
    1. with crystals: Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smokey Quartz
    2. guided visualisation to anchor yourself to the Earth’s Crystalline Grid by imagining light roots growing from your feet, deep and wide into the Earth till you reach the grid, and then you simply plug in. Use your imagination. Allow it to happen!
    3. or going out for a walk in nature…
  3. Burn essential oils to become present in your body. Rose oil helps to connect with your heart.
  4. Meditate Your way – whether it is getting lost in a drawing, chanting, sitting or walking meditation, qigong practice or guided visualisation, just do it. Not sure how to do this? You can purchase my “Find Your Way To Meditate” package (£15.55), which is guiding you through 6 different ways leading to a meditative state
  5. Celebrate the fact that you are Spirit with a Human body and let your Angelic Self take the lead.

Open your wings and let this energy take you to where you really want to be.

What have you got to lose? …

If you are a Virgo in love, check out this video for 11/11 on my You Tube Channel Moon Goddess Oracle, The Soul Alchemist.

Eva x

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