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Divine Feminine and Masculine in Balance and Union

The Wounded Divine Masculine and Feminine

A long time ago the Divine Masculine and Feminine got wounded, they lost their way with each other. Both parties retreated into their fear based ego self (lower self) and the battle of the genders started…

Many thousands of years later, the world is driven by the values projected by the distorted masculine: arrogance, lack of compassion, corruption, are poisoning every part of our lives…

At the same time the wounded feminine is acting out of lack of confidence and self-worth. She has a giving nature, but got to a point, where she feels she has given enough, now she needs to receive, so she is being stubborn and acting from fear, just to bring one example of many.

Therefore on the ego level we won’t be able to find any resolution to these issues. Let’s raise up to the level of the higher self, our soul and see where we are heading right now.

The Divine Masculine and Feminine Exists within You Regardless of Your Gender

Whether you are a man or a woman you have the chance and the responsibility towards yourself to balance the masculine and feminine energies inside of you, so you can become the best version of yourself. In my previous two articles I have introduced the wounded feminine and the distorted masculine, which shows the obstacles, or the challenges if you like, when you try to work through your own wounds.

However these energies also exist as people, I am referring here to twinflame connections. For now just imagine them as Yin and Yang, representing different polarities of the same soul. And it doesn’t mean the feminine purely has feminine energies and vica versa. It means they both have the masculine and feminine inside of them.

Everyone’s perception of the world is different. It is based on many factors: our upbringing (parents, teachers, other influencers), the society you live in, our religion/spirituality/ connection to the Divine, etc.

The Universe usually lets us get on with our lives and watches us, as we learn the lessons we came here to experience, working through karmic situations and relationships to release obstacles, which separates us from uniting with each other. However right now we are living at the age on Earth, where unprecedented change, growth is possible. The Universe is stepping in, and through its interventions, speeding up our awakening/ascension process.

The Union of The Divine Masculine and Feminine

There are lots of obstacles in the way of creating balance between the genders: fear of abandonment, fear of vulnerability, fear of rejection, attachment and codependency issues, etc. on both sides. As you see, all of them are stemming from FEAR. The Universe is orchestrating the coming together of the genders by creating situations, where we are asked to make the right choice. We can choose between fear/shadow/ego based decisions or love/light/coming from our heart,being in alignment with who we are.

I am going to just throw some statements at you now, to allow you to wrap your head around them and let them sink in: We live in a matrix. We are spirit in human body. Our life is a game, an illusion. We write the script of our lives through our own intentions…. The challenge is to wake up and “remember this”, i.e. who we are, why we came here…

Connected by Eva Maria Hunt

It is all about realising you are a soul in a human vessel, and living your life accordingly, whether you are a man or a woman. Connect with your soul and wake up!  Open up to the guidance coming through your intuition and from your team of spirit helpers. Let yourself be guided by them. Why? Because it may seem like it, however you are not alone. You have signed up for this mission on Earth, and there are spirit helpers all around you to make sure you get the information, guidance, encouragement whenever you are in need of it. You don’t feel/sense/hear or even trust them? Well, they can only help you, if you are open to it.

So, work on raising your vibration and it will become easier. Being in an energetically dense human body has its toll. The gap between you, as a spirit in a human body and spirit, who are in their energy form is huge, but can be decreased. How?

  1. Meditate, do yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc. to keep your energy field clean, to receive the information you need more clearly.
  2. And don’t forget in this Universe spirit needs to respect our free will. So you must give them permission to allow them in. Ask for help!

Allow yourself be helped and then you will be able to live from your heart, and as a result creating balance between your masculine and feminine energies and letting them to unite in unconditional love.

Whether it is your actual twinflame or your inner energies you are trying to balance, what you can choose to do is having the work done, doesn’t matter what, because you have signed up for this, for your own, and the highest good of all, whether you actually remember it, as a soul or not.

If you would like some guidance, please get in touch. Alternatively look for my free videos, card readings and articles to find more information on similar subjects.

With love


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