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Meditation How to? – A Yogi Doodling?? Empty your mind vs Get in the zone!

Is meditation really all about a yogi sitting in the lotus position and chanting om? So if you are unable to empty your mind, you are failing at meditation? Let’s bust some myths here and get you on the path to meditate. It can be fun, believe me!

In this video, I show you a really fun and creative way to meditate. It’s not just any doodling, it’s something made with focused intention that unveils a bit more about you.

I am Eva Maria Hunt energy healer, consciousness coach, qigong teacher, working with the energy of the soul for 11 years.

Currently, there are two other videos in this series. Check them out here:

Meditation before and after, The anatomy of the soul 

Your Mind vs Your breath – Can your breath combat mind chatter?

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