Are You Aware Your Thoughts, Emotions and Intentions are Affecting the Earth’s Magnetic Field?

“Scientific evidence provides support for a global field environment, which connects all living systems of consciousness.”There are amazing organisations working on finding out more about this process, such as the Institute of HeartMath, which helps to connect hearts and minds and their special project called Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), which is studying “how every individual’s energy contributes to this Global Field Environment”.

You might think… really? No, it can’t be right… humans are far too tiny dots considering the size of Mother Earth. Well, have a think about this. Although you might not see beyond your physical body, you have an energy field, which is part of your being and resonates on a certain frequency. In fact even your physical body is part of it, i.e. it is made up of a bunch of atoms, which constantly resonate in your body.

When you are in the same room with another person, you are exchanging energies. Your thoughts and emotions are all energy waves. So when you are in a bad mood, frustrated or even angry that has a negative impact on your own and others’ energy field or the opposite happens, when you are happy and content. When the energy of all the people on the Earth, which is 7125635936 people as I write this article, according to https://www.worldometers.info/ adds up, you can imagine how large amount of energy we talk about.

That means on the one hand we consciously need to take responsibility for our own energy including our emotions, on the other hand this gives us an amazing opportunity to impact the Earth energy field in a positive way.

So what can you do to help this process?

You need to start thinking about yourself as a very important component in the future of humanity. You can learn tools how to create personal coherence, which leads to social coherence and ultimately to Global Coherence and sustainable peace.

Watch this video, which is launched by the GCI: The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence. It is “an overview of the amazing and vital role of the heart in our lives, and how ourpersonal energetics shape our social relationships and ultimately affect global consciousness.

If you wish to participate in this amazing project and connect with others with heart coherence you can become a member for free by registering at https://www.glcoherence.org/

After you registered you will be able to learn tools to master yourself in heart coherence and use The Global Care Room, where you can connect with other people. You will be able to listen to guided meditations or simply just send love and compassion whilst listening to music.

I look forward to connecting with you there

With love and light



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