Do you love what you do?

This morning I came across this Facebook status posted by The Master Shift with a question at the end: “Do you love what you do?”. My answer was an immediate YES! Then I thought about it a bit deeper and started counting my blessings…

Yes, I finally do love what I do! Looking back to my life I realised I kept everything I love, and transformed or left out almost completely the ones I didn’t, to be able to do what I absolutely love. It is actually not just one thing; it is the essence of who I am and what I was drawn
to during my life…

7 years ago I left my home country and moved to the UK. I had no idea how big a change this move will turn out to be. By profession I am a commercial economist and I was managing shops in Hungary, working for different international chains for decades, also serving customers face to face, which I still love doing. I also ran a print and design studio with my dad for years designing and creating stationary, brochures, etc. Looking back I was always working on a creative project since I was only 7 years old… And when the time was right I designed and sold my own fashion jewelleries for my customers. Although at different points of my life I did what I liked doing, I wasn’t fully happy with my jobs.

A big chunk of my transition started with my move to a different country. I had to master a new language and a new way of life, which was really hard. It was like being given another chance to rediscover my strengths and weaknesses though and learning how to express
who I really am. This task nearly broke me at one point, I hit rock bottom emotionally…  What kept me alive and moving ahead was the LOVE planted in my being by my Mom and Dad. Them, my sister, my quite large family, friends and colleagues, who were part for shorter or longer periods of 35 years of my life at that point, were the life line for me, the enormous roots reaching over 1200 miles in distance. Sometimes it felt like I am living in a parallel Universe, a copy of me continuing to live a life in Hungary in a materialistic world, chasing new career opportunities and another me is being in the UK, fighting for a new more fulfilling life. I could choose to go back, of course; however I felt that my life took me here for a reason. And as it turned out to be I was right; it was a start of a new beginning. I have found Reiki, I awakened spiritually and I met some amazing people, who supported me on my journey…

Now I love every part of my job, and in fact it is strange to call it my job. I am self-employed now, which makes all the difference. It gives me the freedom of deciding what to do every day of my life. It’s also fully my responsibility what happens in my business and I can use the skills I am good at, such as organising, communicating, designing marketing products, etc.  I also had to learn to get better at areas, which didn’t come to me naturally. I discovered because of my upbringing I had limiting beliefs about money. After I realised it I have changed my thinking process and  I have achieved great results. Working from home enables me to create the time for myself to follow my intuition and discover information, which I need at any moment of time to go ahead on my path, and become who I really meant to be. I have time to study and improve myself. I find this journey fascinating. It taught me to see the challenges appear in my life very differently. Previously I was afraid of change, I held back and was waiting for everything settling down and find a moment to be brave enough to express myself. Now I welcome changes, and I see them as part of my quest, which brings new opportunities to get to know more about myself, and find new ways how to serve others in order to make them feel better, happier and help them to be, who they meant to be… I discovered this is why I am here.

To achieve that I design and create crystal jewellery, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but they help people to heal with the energy radiates out of them. When I make them I am in the zone, “out of this world”, feeling connected. I have a similar experience when I design my leaflets and posters for my business or when I write articles about the energy world… I also use an energy healing method, Reiki therapy to help people achieve their full potential. I love the feeling when my clients tell me, how much they managed to change for the better in such a short period of time with my help. And at the same time Reiki therapy doesn’t feel like work. It’s such an adventure and very relaxing at the same time. It brings me peace. It also taught me how to take care of myself energetically by grounding and protecting myself, meditating, etc.

Another important part of my business is participating in Psychic Fayres. It gives me the contact with customers to chat about crystals and themselves in order to find the ones they need or can work with. It is also an amazing experience to be surrounded by like-minded people: readers, spiritual healers, Psychic mediums. I love the energy and the atmosphere at these events, which helps strengthening my trust in what I feel and sense is real, my belief in the greater good.

There are infinite possibilities and many crossroads we reach every day. I believe we have the power to decide in every moment of our lives which way to go. If we listen to our intuition it will take us where we need to be.

I spent the majority of my life in a country where money wasn’t available in abundance and I am very grateful for that. I was taught that money is nothing more than an exchange for products. I learnt to wait for things I really wanted to have, and to appreciate what I finally did get. I am very thankful for my parents being so LOVING and teaching us that LOVE is more important than anything else in the world. I brought all of this with me and added more value to it.

Now living in the UK I am able to reach an abundance of information in English about the energy world and spirituality, which wouldn’t be possible in my native language, spoken by hardly more than 10 million people. Here I can connect with many more like-minded people online and in person than I ever could imagine. The path I am walking right now taught me that all of us are different and we all have our unique skills to offer and we are happiest when we find our talents and give them away.

Do You love what you do?


About the author:
Eva Maria Hunt (Szanto) energy healer:
certified Reiki Therapist, Practitioner member of the UK Reiki Federation, S.N.H.S. Dip. Colour Therapy, S.N.H.S. Dip. Crystal Healing, Healing Crystal Jewellery designer.

I am passionate about energy healing and the human energy field. Reiki was an enormous help for me to get better, when I was struggling in many areas… it has completely changed my life. It also inspired me to live my dream i.e. to help and inspire people to achieve their full potential. As a complementary therapist I help my clients to break through barriers, whether physical, emotional or mental to become, who they’re meant to be by using a 4 step method for a stress free, creative, joyful and healthy life. I combine Reiki therapy, crystal healing and the Tree of Life Healing (colour therapy) with self and spiritual development tools. To complement my holistic business I write articles, draw, paint, design and create my stationery and run Spiritual Wonders Crystal and Gift Shop.

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