Energy Healing

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Stress-less! Relax, Heal, Energise

I work with individuals, from all walks of life, from business men & women to stay at home mums, who are affected by stress, which creates imbalance in their energy system…

So they become physically and/or emotionally exhausted, are unable to switch their mind off, they hurt from headaches other pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders… and as a result their productivity and relationships start suffering…

I help them to relax, become energised, and teach them vital information and tools on how to protect and maintain their energies on all levels

•             to have their creativity flow & productivity improve in their work life & home life

•             see their confidence grow, relationships improve as they find real happiness, when they manage to step into their inner power and achieve their full potential…

Relax with Reiki Therapy, Learn Qi Gong for Health, Buy Handmade Healing Crystal Jewellery & Healing Art: cards, posters, mandalas created by  Éva Mária Hunt  Energy Therapist, Thame & Didcot, Oxon, UK.

Are you stressed out, in pain, need clarity or an energy boost…? Book your appointment now! T:07905 806383 Email:,, Web Shop:

Transform your life into Abundant Health, Energy & Success with Energy Healing Customised to Your Needs with Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist

If you are new to the idea we are all made of energy, or would like to learn more about the human energy field it is best to start here to explore the Energy World and Energy Healing.

I am an energy healer: Reiki Therapist, Crystal Healer, Qi Gong for Health Teacher and Healing crystal jewellery designer. I am really passionate about the energy world. I work with different types of energies to help you feel more relaxed, full of energy, happy and healthy. I believe we all have the power to change our life by changing the way we think, by changing our daily habits…

Holistic healing

Holistic Healing is about viewing yourself as an energy being. Light, sound, fragrances, brain waves… are all energy.

Your Mind, Body and Soul are different dimensions of your Energy Being. If you are only thinking about yourself as a physical body you are missing out on valuable energy tools that can help to make you feel instantly better… Read more

To get to know your energy being a  bit better you can read my articles here