Vibrational Healing / Energy Healing

Energy healing or vibrational healing has been used for thousands of years in adjusting the energy vibrations in the human physical and energy bodies to restore the energy flow. Everything that we sense with our senses is energy, vibrating on a certain frequency, influences our own energy vibration.

Therefore energy blockages built up in our system, causing illnesses can be corrected by certain energy vibrations with different healing methods working with our senses: seeing - colour therapy, sense of smell - aromatherapy, sense of hearing sound therapy,  taste - nutritional therapy, touch - acupressure, healing hands... 

The Vibrational Healing Products & Services I offer are:

  • Healing Crystal Jewellery
  • Energy Art, Angel Art
  • Healing with Colours
  • Essential Oils
  • Law of Attraction Coaching
  • Qi Gong for Health Tuition
  • Reiki Therapy 
  • Crystal healing

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is about viewing yourself as an energy being. Light, sound, fragrances, brain waves... are all energy. Your Mind, Body and Soul are different dimensions of your Energy Being. If you are only thinking about yourself as a physical body you are missing out on valuable energy tools that can help to make you feel instantly better.

Brief Introduction to The Human Energy System

Whether you believe it or not you are made of energy and your physical body is indeed the densest layer of your energy being. It is surrounded by other layers of energy, which as you go further out from your physical body resonates on higher and higher frequency. These layers together are called aura.

Your energy vibration is being affected by different factors:

  • your environment
  • other people's energy
  • your own mindset (Positive thoughts vs. Negative thoughts)
  • your own feelings (Positive emotions vs. Negative emotions)

Your aura or energy field gathers energy and distributes it to your energy centres or chakras, which are working on all of the layers of your energy system. When you have problems in your life, which you can't solve therefore you repress your emotions... energy blockages are being formed and after a while can manifest as a physical illness.

When you understand you are not equivalent with your physical body you open up to new possibilities and you can start introducing energy tools into your daily life to look after not only your physical body, but your energy being too.

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

Practitioner Member of the
UK Reiki Federation​

My journey as a healer / energy therapist started in 2010, when I became a Reiki Practitioner and established my business, Spiritual Wonders in holistic healing to help women to step into their inner power and live their life to their full potential. 

I am really passionate about holistic healing. During the years I was pulled completely into this beautiful, for most of us completely invisible world, the Energy World. I'll be honest with you it scared me at the beginning i.e. letting go of control and basing my decisions gradually on my intuition, inner compass. I had to go through a complete transition from being a materialistically minded commercial economist, who I am by profession, to becoming an energy therapist. 6 years down the line I can now fully embrace this fantastic path I was drawn to by my soul.

I believe we all have the power to change our life by changing the way we think and by changing our daily habits... and this is exactly what I offer to my clients.

Stress-less! Relax, Heal, Energise

I work with individuals, from all walks of life, from business men & women to stay at home mums, who are affected by stress, which creates imbalance in their energy system…

So they become physically and/or emotionally exhausted, are unable to switch their mind off, they hurt from headaches other pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders… and as a result their productivity and relationships start suffering…

I help them to relax, become energised, and teach them vital information and tools on how to protect and maintain their energies on all levels,

to have their creativity flow & productivity improve in their work life & home life,

see their confidence grow, relationships improve as they find real happiness, when they manage to step into their inner power and achieve their full potential…

Transform your life into Abundant Health, Energy & Success with Energy Healing customised to your needs!