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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Why Energy Vampires Suck and What Can You Do About it?

Energy vampire

During my career in holistic healing I have found that people can relate to what I describe about their energies easier, when it is “translated to physical examples”, however morbid it might sound. So I borrowed my headline from Sergio Leone’s western, which shows how a cold-blooded murderer (The Bad) make the other two work together to lead him to the gold. In a nutshell that’s what energy vampires are about, to get what they want without the consent of the other person and sometimes even through manipulation.

When I unknowingly stepped into family relations with a couple of “energetically handicapped” people I had no idea that different types of energy vampires exist. At that point I wasn’t even thinking of becoming an energy healer. However being an energetically sensitive person I was already good at spotting energy vampires, who subconsciously tried to feed on my positive energies.

They are not difficult to recognise actually, you have met them before too. They are the ones, who sit next to you at a work event and bombard you with their issues, whilst you feel more and more exhausted, maybe even physically sick to the stomach as the conversation goes on. And when it happens again and again your natural survival instinct kicks in and you try to keep away from that person as much as possible. Good strategy, it really does work in the short term.

That was my strategy too. Being aware of this type of energy vampire (The Ugly) I could manage the attacks, which were on and off, until one day things went really bad.

I still had no idea what hit me, what I was dealing with. It took me approx. 6 months of suffering, observing, feeling the attacks, trying to protect myself and sensing the consequences on my own energy levels to realise what was happening to me. Now I can confirm that I for sure experienced the other type of energy vampire in action, The Bad. And living with one like that can cause severe energy damages in the “energy donor”, in this case me, The Good.

Are Energy Vampires similar to Blood Sucking Vampires?

Yes and no. Energy vampires are still human beings, but with an energetic problem. According to Wikipedia “a vampire is a being from folklore that subsists by feeding on the life essence of the living”, which we usually associate with blood. In modern times, the vampire is generally held to be a fictitious entity. However energy vampires are very real. They are unable to maintain their own energy levels properly, because of their own negativity, mental disorders, etc. So they feed off your Life Force Energy, which is basically your life essence, so in that sense they are similar.


“Dracula Portrait” Image courtesy of holohololand at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What energy vampires do is sucking your energy, in order to get the necessary supply for themselves. Or that’s also possible they have energy, but it’s contaminated with negativity, so they initiate an energy transplant by replacing their confused, “dirty” energy with your fresh, lovely one.

Are Energy Vampires Bad People?

It depends. Some energy vampires are really unaware of what they are doing (The Ugly). Others (The Bad) deliberately suck your energy to get the desired information about you, because they want to control you. Often their reason of gathering your energy is wanting to be like you, but always better than you. So when they have all the information they need from you, they will deliver the final strike on you to make you obey their will.

What if one of your family members or even your partner is an energy vampire?

That’s bad, I do feel for you. You must protect yourself and try helping the energy vampire to get professional help if they are falling into the unaware i.e. The Ugly type.

As I mentioned, unfortunately I have first-hand experience of dealing with The Bad one too. If you are a good person, loving, giving, generous, intelligent, etc. and you are living with someone who has superiority complex for example, you are in great danger. Superiority complex can manifest in different ways, here I am referring to the one, who uses it as a psychological defence mechanism to counter or conceal feelings of inferiority. These people can be recognised from wanting to be best at everything and better than everyone else…

My advice is, if you still can, run! If you can’t leave the situation you must learn the tools to deal with it and get your energy cleansed and topped up as soon as possible by a professional healer. When I realised what was happening to me I helped myself with Reiki energy and many different healing tools at hand, yet I wasn’t able to do it all by myself. I needed intervention from experienced healers, psychics, etc. to help me restore my aura fully. Learning this the hard way I can now help my clients, who also experienced the energy vampire at work and they are finding Reiki therapy combined with energy coaching really helpful to get them equipped with what they need.

How Energy Vampires get your energy?

We are all energy beings. We not only have a physical body, but an electro-magnetic field too, called the aura. The aura holds information about you. Your thoughts, emotions, even information from past lives are stored in this amazing energy system, built up of 7 different layers, connecting to 7 chakras, energy centres. Every layer vibrates on a certain frequency, the densest one being your physical body.

Spirit in a Human Body with text

Imagine your aura like an energy bubble around you, for simplicity. This bubble has an opening towards the top to receive energy from the Universe and it has an opening towards the bottom to get rid of used energy and receive, grounding, energising ones from the Earth. When you are healthy you receive enough energy to cover all your activities, biological, emotional needs, etc and you are able to manage it the right way to function properly.

We all have these electro-magnetic fields and the normal way of energy communication between people happens through so called energy cords. These are similar to “electric wires delivering power”. So when we “get in touch” or “connect” with someone, energy cords are being formed straight away between the two individuals, delivering information between them. With strangers they come and go. With family members they stay until one person crosses over.

In a healthy relationship these energy tunnels are usually forming between the chakras and people are giving and receiving energies through them.

However when you are dealing with an energy vampire, they abuse this system and instead of using these cords for interacting with you, they are feeding off your chakra energies. On the top of this or as a different strategy, they go as close to your main energy supply as possible to rob you of your own energy. They do this, because they are in need of a huge amount of energy to make up for the missing energy, their poor energy management results in.

Energy vampire drawing

My illustration on how the energy vampire (Grey) connects (Eva Maria Hunt)

Why is it dangerous?

On the one hand you are losing large amounts of energies, which you need for yourself to function properly. So as you do not seem to have enough, you feel tired and you get sick easier. Your mind feels like this fog settling on it, which makes it harder to think, and emotionally you start to feel really low, get depressed, etc.

If you had an attack and you could physically get away from that person your aura naturally starts to recover. It still can take days to feel “normal” again. However if you are unable to do that your aura can’t recover and you are on a downward spiral to mental and physical illnesses. So what can you do about it?

Energy First Aid — 3 Tips

It’s very important to act on your discovery, if you feel like living with an Energy vampire.

Tip 1. Get away!

  • If you are able to go on a holiday, spend as much time away as possible from the energy vampire.

Tip 2. Protect your energies in every way possible

  • Use guided visualisations to create energy protection around your energy field.
  • If you believe in angels, ask them for protection during the day, and especially at night, when you are more vulnerable to psychic attacks.
  • Carry energy protection crystals or wear them as jewellery. Turquoise, Amethyst, Fluorite, Clear Quartz will help with your intention. Clear quartz crystals are not only good for boosting your energy, but they are also capable of healing holes in your aura and cleansing your energies.
  • Have as little contact with the energy vampire as possible.

Top 3. Think positively

This is a must. The energy vampire, if it is The Bad type, wants you to fail. As you are losing more and more energy you are already likely to think more negatively, especially if the energy vampire feeds you with his/her negativity. They want you to feel lost. They want to break you. They want to damage your self-esteem, your inner power, so they can win in a battle you didn’t even know you were part of.


Experiencing energy vampire attacks can be very damaging, especially if you fall victim of The Bad. If you are a generally good person you don’t understand how someone can be so cruel to want you to fail on such a large scale. Literally pushing you down on the floor energetically, tying you up with thick energy ropes, so you hardly can breathe and move, then stepping on your “energetically almost dead body” and look bigger and better, so they believe they will, and they can claim victory.

The truth is these are unhealthy people, who need help. Their mental illness, their level of self-esteem, etc, the disturbance in their energy supply needs to be sorted out, so they can function properly on their own.

It’s hard to prove what the energy vampires are doing to you, because society as it stands understands very little of the invisible energy parts of us, about psychic activities, etc. But you, who is being robbed definitely feel it. Even if you manage to get out of a five years long relationship, even years after the event you still can feel the consequences of the Energy Vampire’s doing. You might have moved on physically, even changed jobs, living with a new partner something still eats at you inside. It can be because they destroyed your self-esteem in the process, or because you simply realised what they have done to you and you can’t get to grips with it. You feel angry, you want revenge, but deep inside, you are not that type of person. The trap is, you can’t talk about it with anyone, because you are afraid your colleagues, friends, even family will think you are mad.

Like the western movie heros you are on your own, fighting for your life, because Energy Vampires are creeping up behind you, attack you and put you in danger. They are bad for your health, success and happiness.

Seriously if you recognise some signs of living with an energy vampire, get help! Form alliances with people, who understand the energy world, psychic attacks, the battle field of the energy vampire. Their energy tentacles still could leak energy from you, and keep you attached to them even years after departing from them. Go and see an energy therapist, spiritual healer or psychic, have your energy cords cut, learn how to reset your own system and start rebuilding your energies to recover from the attacks of the energy vampire to be able to be whole, happy and healthy again.

With love


Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist and Artist

trading as Spiritual Wonders

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