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Healing Hands: Reiki Therapy – Natural, Holistic, Effective…

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Do you know what the underlying condition is for most illnesses? The one that messes with your mind, de-form your body, tilts you out of emotional balance and if you are not careful pushes you off your spiritual path? You guessed it! It’s stress.

Why stress is so bad for you?

“Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope. People have different ways of reacting to stress, so a situation that feels stressful to one person may be motivating to someone else.”

Whilst stress is a normal temporary response from your body to protect you by keeping you focused and alert, if this condition becomes permanent in your day to day life it can cause serious issues in your health, in your productivity at work, in your relationships and in other areas of your life.

How can you combat stress?

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First of all you need to learn to relax. And again as our energy is different, we all have different ways of finding an activity that calms our nerves whether that is yoga, a workout in the gym, dancing or something else. Whatever you choose, you must have a system in place to re-balance your energies.

Although physical exercise is very beneficial to combat stress, in some cases the person’s energy system is tilted out of balance so much, they need additional help to find balance on other levels of their being: the emotional, mental…

Why is it dangerous if you are unable to relax?


Feeling stressed during a longer period of time is not a pleasant experience. Therefore most people are looking for an easy fix: there are the pill poppers, the emotional eaters and others, who are looking for some kind of substance that instantly make them feel better… Unfortunately these coping mechanisms won’t serve them in the long term either. They are likely to become addicted…

Of course you are busy, you try to fit in your day as much as you possibly can: work, family, relationship, friends, daily tasks at home, looking after kids… As a result you neglect the most important person in your life, You. So your energies are running lower and lower, you get more irritated, more exhausted and after a while you just run on empty.

Don’t worry, there is a solution to stress

I am an energy therapist, practising Reiki for almost 5 years now. In this period of time I saw an increasing amount of people opening their horizon to this Japanese healing art in the holistic healing arena.

Now I work with individuals, from all walks of life, from business men & women to stay at home mums, who are affected by stress, which creates imbalance in their energy system…

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy, which works on 4 levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The practitioner channels this high frequency energy and repairs energy imbalances in your physical and energy body, whilst taking you into a deeply relaxed state of being. It is a very pleasant experience.

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I help my clients to relax and teach them vital information and tools on how to protect and maintain their energies on all levels:

  • So they can focus and have a clear mind,
  • Feel the energy boost that Reiki provides them with, so they can have their creativity flow & productivity improve in their work life & home life
  • They become emotionally balanced, their confidence grow, relationships improve as they become less stressed
  • They learn to manage their energies and find real happiness.

Stress-less! Relax, Heal, Energise with Reiki Therapy

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You might be thinking: “Yes, it all sounds good, but will it work for me? In my opinion the best way to find out is to try it for yourself. However I collected some quotes from celebrities from the past 5 years, whose life is full of unusual situations and have to deal with extreme amounts of stress, what they say about this beautiful Japanese practise of healing hands:

“In an article in the Daily Mail, Lord of the Dance star Michael Flatley reported “Doctors said I couldn’t dance for 60 days. But Reiki healed me in just four… For me, the evidence speaks for itself. Healing helps me to overcome many injuries in a short space of time, which conventional medicine just cannot do.”

Michael Flatley -
Michael Flatley –

“Christina Aguilera have given the credit to the spiritual healing technique for losing 30 pounds of weight, reported Contactmusic. “It’s a Japanese method for healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Christina also credits a low-carb diet and yoga workouts for her new look, but Reiki puts her mind in a good place and gives her the discipline to eat healthy and maintain weight loss. She sees a Reiki master for private sessions three times a week,”

Christina Aguilera -
Christina Aguilera –

The list of Hollywood stars, who loves Reiki to combat stress and balance their energy is endless. Here are some more of them: Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Helen Hunt, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman…

And now back to the non-celebrity world, here are some testimonials from my clients on Reiki:

“Reiki is for me the quickest and most powerful way to increase my energy, to calm my mind and regain balance. It is my secret energy booster that leaves me feeling recharged and revitalized to face any challenge. The best holistic support you can find.”(Victoria, UK)

I used to struggle a lot with my anger and Reiki has helped me to learn how to balance my emotions. Now I feel happier and balanced and I can view things in a more positive way.”(Glenda, UK)

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Since having Reiki I felt more balanced and able to manage my life.”(Anna, UK)

If you would like to give it a try, please let me know. I live in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK.

I look forward to hearing from you

With love

Eva Maria Hunt


T: 07905 806383


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