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Am I addicted to Reiki Energy?

Am I addicted to Reiki?

This is a question some of my clients ask after a few months I work with them. Maybe you asked a similar question from yourself regarding Reiki or other complementary therapies.

So let’s see first what really happens inside of you, when you are undergoing Reiki therapy.

Cube Reiki

You can’t “overdose” Reiki!

Reiki is a high vibrational energy, which raises your own energy vibrations during the treatment, moving energy blockages out of the way… It aids you in moving through emotional and mental challenges faster, eases physical pain and helps you on your spiritual journey.

So as a result, every time you have a Reiki session, you feel charged up and relaxed, happier even so good, you are  ready to take on the world. But then you realise after a few days or weeks Reiki seems to “wear off” and you need to go for another treatment. It’s not a problem, you can’t “overdose” Reiki, but maybe you can’t afford it financially. To be honest the constant drop in your energy levels you can’t afford energetically either.

Why Are You Craving Reiki?

A few years ago I have attended a conference in London, where Dr Michael Konig was one of the many fantastic speakers. ” He is a quantum physicist and is considered a coryphaeus in the field of quantum healing. From his findings he developed the Photon-Diagnosis with which the health and state of consciousness of a person can be measured electromagnetically, both quantitatively and qualitatively. By applying this in the field of medicine, it allows for a detailed complimentary medical diagnosis.”

photon diagnosis

So putting it simply he conducted a research on people with different illnesses, when visiting their GP. After they were checked out by the GP he took a Kirlian photography image of the person’s energy field around their fingers, when they were feeling ill. The GP described them certain treatments from the holistic therapy range, such as Reiki, acupuncture, etc. The patient then undergone the few weeks of treatment and was asked to go back to the GP for check up. Dr. Konig had the opportunity then to take another Kirlian photography picture and compare it to the “before” image.

The results were very convincing. The energy around the clients’ fingers were stronger, saying a story about a much healthier energy system. Why fingers? As different fingers have different Meridian line (energy highways) endings in each of them a trained eye is able to analyse in which part of the body the energy flow is not sufficient, therefore which organs are affected by the illness.

These patients were asked to come back after a certain period of time for regular check ups. Dr Konig has found that the ones, who have done nothing different to their normal daily routine in between the time the treatment has finished and these check ups, had a decrease in their energy vibration. However those, who introduced some self-development tools to keep their energy vibration high, had very little or no drop at all in their energy levels.

So the answer to your question, “Am I addicted to Reiki?” is, no, you are not.

However you have an energy management issue, which needs addressing. i.e. your energy levels naturally go up after the Reiki treatment, then either gradually or suddenly they drop again and you are craving those high energy levels. What really is happening, you are simply using up the extra energy you were given, in a very inefficient way.

What takes up so much energy?

You are an energy being and absolutely everything you do, takes energy. Moving, thinking, feeling, etc. Your energy system is designed to cover these “projects” energetically. What can possibly be the problem then?

There are external and internal factors wearing you out. Your environment is heavily polluted with chemicals, noise, light pollution, which puts strain on your system to start with. Eating lots of processed or junk food, doesn’t give you the nourishment you are in need of, so your energy levels get lower. And on the top of that 21st century living is not for the faint-hearted. It’s full of stress, lots of pressure at work, at home, etc. So let’s name a few of the things that take up too much of your energy:

  • Worrying,
  • being stressed out,
  • over-thinking,
  • pushing yourself to your limits emotionally, mentally, physically,
  • not looking after yourself, etc.

So what is the solution? What can you do about it?

Raise your energy vibration, implement some positive changes in your daily and weekly routines to enjoy high energy vibrations for longer, therefore feel better for longer.

How? Some of these energy tools I will share with you next time.

Take care

With love


Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist




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