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What can you expect from a Law of Attraction Session?

“Life wants you to win… Please get out of your own way.” (Robin Sharma)

During the Law of Attraction sessions I help you develop an awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and daily energy habits that can set you up for success instead of failure.

We assess your perception in order to find limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back from living the life you want.

Spirit in Human Body Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist & Artist
Spirit in Human Body Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist & Artist

The Law of Attraction is all about energy vibrations. It gives exactly what you have deep inside of you, because “Like attracts Like”. So if you are full of fears, worries, anxiety and negative thoughts you are radiating on a low frequency and you are attracting the lack of things…

I help you adjust your frequency and raise your energy vibration by teaching you

  • how to weed out negative thoughts and thinking patterns. Your mind is very powerful, however it is a two-edged sword. It can help you to manifest your dreams and happiness, OR your fears as lack of money, unhappy relationships…
  • how to build a better relationship with your emotions, which also play an important role in raising your vibration.
  • techniques and tools to enable you to gradually purge negativity from your system, and helping you to keep your high energy vibrations by implementing new daily habits in your life that bring you abundance: love, friendship, job, money…

My clients are wonderful women from business women to stay at home mums.

Some of them knows exactly what holds them back. They are aware they are receiving the signals from the Universe, but they keep turning down their opportunities because of their deeply rooted subconscious limiting beliefs.

Others are in a vicious circle of negativity: a sea of dept, dead-end relationships, soul-crippling jobs… and they are drained by their own negative thoughts and emotions and unable to lift themselves up…

The only limitations you have on who you can become are your own. Let me set you free of them, so you can be truly happy!

Quote You-Must-Find-The-Place-Inside-YourselfQuote: Deepak Chopra

Contact me to book your session or to schedule a free 20 minutes phone or SKYPE call to discuss your issues and dreams and see how I can help you to raise your vibrations, attract what you really want in your life and live a truly happy and abundant life.

You can text me: T: 07905 806383 or Email me:


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