I have found my purpose thanks for the Law of Attraction, and I have been using it not only for my own benefits, but for 5 years now also to empower my clients. I have seen them transitioning in front of my eyes into their better, happier gorgeous self.
Inspired by the results, I have expanded the range of my treatments/consultations. Until recently I provided energy healing sessions with some LOA tools, Now as a certified LOA Practitioner I added to my repertoire consultations/sessions focused on the LOA with energy tools, so you can manifest more harmony in your life.

What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

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A Law of Attraction Coach/Practitioner is similar to a life coach, however instead of exploring negative thoughts or past issues, and rather than creating a traditional action plan to make things happen, she helps you to become aware of your true power i.e. you can create what you want in your life – by embracing the principles and practices of conscious creation.

How can your Law of Attraction Coach help you to Manifest Your Dreams?

She is aware that you have an amazing creative power and your thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on your reality. So she helps you to become aware of your energetic vibration, and teaching you tools, techniques to enable you to consciously adjust/raise your frequency so you can harness the Law of attraction to your advantage.

Your Law of Attraction Coach also teaches you useful new habits to increase your manifestation skills, helps you to get rid of energetic obstacles such as negative thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs that are in your way of achieving your dreams, goals and desires.

She is committed to assist you finding what works best for you, for your perception of the world, your personality type… to create the changes you want in your life: achieving vibrational alignment to what you want before you take any action.

I am Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist, Artist, Law of Attraction Practitioner. I have a huge range of energy tools and 5 years practise in holistic healing helping my clients achieving their dreams with the help of The Law of attraction. Contact me to discuss your issues and dreams and find out how this type of coaching can help you manifest them as your reality.

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