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Manifest Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction

As a human being you do have a physical body. And of course there is so much more to you than what meets the eye. You have a gorgeous electro-magnetic field around you and you exchange energy with the Universe constantly. Everything you think and feel are in a form of energy waves rippling trough the Universe.

Manifest Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction

Whatever your vibration the Universe matches it up with its equivalent – bringing you either the lack of things if you constantly focus on your dept for example, or the abundance of things. You don’t believe it? Just look around what you currently have/don’t have in your life. Take a close look, as all of it was created by you, by your dominant thoughts and emotions. Do you like what you see? Excellent! However if you wish to have more abundance:  happiness, better relationship, better job, more money… you can make them manifest in your life.

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There is a lot out there about the Law of Attraction (LOA), and not knowing all the fact creates misconceptions. Many people believe that The Law of Attraction is for example, wishful thinking, OR positive thinking only OR an instant source of gratification and happiness. They are half-truths at best. However the LOA is something extremely POWERFUL that being used the right way can turn your life around.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the primal function of the Universe. Your physical body is the densest layer in your energy field, which is radiating, vibrating on a certain frequency, sending out energy waves to the Universe.

The level of your vibration is determined by the quality of your thoughts and emotions. So what are your daily habits? Are you a worrier? Is your mind flooded by negative thoughts?…

If your answer is yes, it could be a problem, because the Law of attraction delivers you everything that matches the frequency radiating out of your energy field. It works with the theory: “Like Attracts Like”.

Well, the good news is you have a fantastic super power i.e. you can consciously raise your vibration and change your life.

Let me set you free of your limiting beliefs, correct your frequency and help you USE your super power in the right way to manifest what you really want!

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist, Artist, Law of Attraction Practitioner


T:07905 806383

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