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Develop Your Intuition and Find Guidance with Oracle Cards

In the Western part of the world, we have a huge handicap from the soul development perspective. Our societies only accept the physical part of us at large, therefore kids are being brought up without being able to maintain active soul connections i.e. practising meditation and trusting their gut feelings and their inner wisdom, intuition. On the top of that, emotions, which are the language of our soul are looked at, as signs of weakness.

As we grow up, we start filling the gaps in and finding our own way back to our soul.

The Voice of Your Soul

We are spirit in human body, therefore we have an immediate connection to the Divine. Our soul, Higher-self is constantly talking to us. However, as we are conditioned to believe only what we can sense with our 5 physical senses, and what science has proven, we are really limited in allowing this voice to be heard.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards can help you to break through that. They are effective tools to strengthen your intuitive muscles and learn to trust in your own wisdom. What does oracle mean? The word oracle refers to the Divine, the Divine in you and the wisdom of the Universe, The Creator…

There are many different oracle cards. Some you will feel drawn to, others won’t get your attention. Whichever deck you choose, through the cards, you are working with a simple mechanism, that enables you to connect deeply within, and receive guidance from your Higher Self, from Angels, from Power Animals…, from the Divine.

Choose yours here:  The Psychic Tree – All Tarot & Oracle Cards

There are some pitfalls working with oracle cards. One of them is letting your ego interfere with the reading, hoping for a certain outcome and twisting the messages in a way that suits your desire.

In my new workshop Intuition, Angels, Oracle Cards you can experience readings from different oracle cards and learn how to avoid your ego and logical mind overpowering the voice of your soul.

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