Angel Messages – Energy Art for 2016 Channelled by Eva Maria Hunt

Abundance with Archangel Ariel

I have created this painting with the intention of channelling messages from the Angelic Realms for 2016.

Abundance with Archangel Ariel by Eva Maria Hunt
Abundance with Archangel Ariel by Eva Maria Hunt

The picture

It’s a bulb of an exotic Flower, representing you. Its petals now are opening up, as you are letting your light and love radiate out of your heart. On another layer of the picture there is a pair of hands reaching out, representing that you are being forced to find the so needed balance in your life through learning the lesson to receive. As you let your creativity and passion drive you, represented by the flames on this picture, you raise your energy vibration, and start stepping into your full power, and you shine even more, when aligned with the Universe. As you are now ready to receive, Archangel Ariel showers you with abundance.

The healing colours and the chakras

There are 4 chakras actively involved in the above tasks. The different shades of Red working with your Root chakra, supporting you to feel safe and secure on your journey. The vivid Orange colours are resonating with the energy of your Sacral chakra. Yellow light rays of your Solar Plexus, your confidence are shining through and reaching towards the Blue sky. As the Yellow and Blue colour energy meet the healing Green comes to life helping to heal your heart. And the beautiful Pink and Magenta colours are also connecting with your heart, representing your soul essence.

The message

Let your light shine this year. Love, love, love and dare to show it… Learn to balance giving and receiving in every areas of your life. Let your passion and creativity show the way ahead as you follow your heart in every decision you make, whether it’s personal life, profession or a hobby. Connect with the Universe, Angels, other Divine beings. Call upon Archangel Ariel the Angel of Abundance to help you reach your goals. And finally and most importantly find some quiet time to connect with your higher self’s wisdom, look after yourself, and let your soul be free and happy!

It’s a lot to do and not an easy path to take.

Meditate with my painting

With the above messages in mind find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Maintain slow, deep breathing. Now open your eyes and  soak up the colours of my painting. Then look at it closer, you will find more details and maybe you will see shapes, figures… these are extra messages for you personally. Contemplate on the messages and see where they take you. Then finish the meditation. Come back to the picture from time to time if you need reassurance, recharge…

If you need help, apart from my 1 to 1 healing sessions in 2016, SKYPE and email consultations are also available with me to support you on your journey mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically. Email me eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com for more details.

Have an Abundant New Year!

With Angel Blessings and love


Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist and Artist

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