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How to Manifest Your Love in Your Life? Mr Hottie and The Law of Attraction

Being single can be fun, however after a while I couldn’t help thinking about “Mr. Right”. I was dreaming about how great it would be if I could attract my soul mate for my next relationship. Needless to say 7 years ago I had no idea what a soul mate relationship was really about. I just wanted someone, who I can really click with in most areas of life, who is like me in many ways, who understands me… all of that.

Mr Hottie and The Law of Attraction

I heard of the importance of positive thinking and The Law of Attraction. I thought what can I loose? I give it a go. I am a visual type, so I played with the idea of finding a photo of a man, a very handsome one of course to draw him. Whilst I was searching online for pictures, my mind was constantly working, thinking it through, how would he look like, but most importantly what personality would he have. How would he behave with me? What would our life be together? Then I found THE picture.

I must admit at that point my drawing skills weren’t all that good, so after 3 hours of drawing, which by the way was the most amazing time spent “in the zone”, the result didn’t really look like the guy on the original picture. Never the less it turned out to be a really cool guy. I called him Mr. Hottie. He certainly was a type of man, I could imagine my life with. So I treated this drawing as if it was a real  picture of him. I put it out on my bedroom wall, and every time I had a look at him, I thought of him as he is already my partner. Doing so I connected with my thoughts, emotions, desires all channelled into one creative process, to attract him into my life…

Mr Hottie by Eva Maria Hunt
Mr Hottie by Eva Maria Hunt

2 months later I met a guy. It was love at first sight… I completely forgot about the picture on my wall and when he and his kids came to visit me in my flat, his daughter said: “Hey, that picture looks like my daddy!” And at that moment it dawned upon me, yes, he actually does!

Was it a total coincidence? I am absolutely sure it wasn’t. Let’s have a look at the science behind this picture!

How to Manifest Your Love in Your Life?

Everything in the Universe works according to certain laws, including the Law of Attraction. It is working even in this very moment. If you are lacking in any part of your life, i.e. your health, relationship, love, family, financial well-being, etc. it means there is something not right with your thought patterns in any or all of these areas.

Thoughts are brain waves, which resonate on a certain vibration and as such, are part of the energy world, so as emotions.

The Law of Attraction says “like attracts like”, therefore whatever thoughts you hold you will attract thoughts, situations, people with similar vibration to your life. If you are focusing on not having enough money, you will attract the lack of money. If you are focusing on what you already have, what you already achieved in your life instead of what you don’t have you will most likely to attract more good things towards you. There is much more to the Law of Attraction. However you can start to attract abundance right now by following the steps I used in attracting my now husband:

  1. Think about it clearly what you would like to have and ask for it.
  2. Then live and think like you have already got what you have asked for.
  3. Be patient.

I had no idea, when I created the drawing of Mr Hottie that 7 years later I am working as an Energy Therapist, Artist and Law of Attraction Practitioner. What I shared with you here about manifesting your thoughts and emotions into reality is just the top of the iceberg. To dig deeper in this subject look out for my articles and / or book a Law of Attraction session with me to find out how you can attract love into your life.

If you want to share your story with me about manifesting your love in your life, please send me an email to

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