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Water Infused with Joy – Crystal Water – Bewater

I have been practising crystal healing for 7 years now and I am still in love with these gorgeous healing stones. As more and more people discover the amazing healing qualities of these gemstones, more fun and easy to use products surface. So I am delighted to introduce my very own Bewater Bottle with Elements insert. Cheers!

I actually got this gorgeous glass water bottle (there are plastic ones too. The disadvantage of that is you won’t be able to swap the crystals in your bottle), as a gift from a dear friend, and she allowed me to choose my own crystals. I picked the Elements, which is part of the JOY range. Each of the 5 stones this mixture is made of matches one of the elements used in Chinese Medicine and when all of these elements are in balance and flowing freely in your body, wellness and vitality result! Buy them here: The Psychic Tree – Water Bottles

The 5 Elements crystals are:

  • Ocean Agate for Abundance
  • Amethyst for protection and calm
  • Fossil Wood to establish deep roots and grounding
  • Rose Quartz for love
  • Chalcedony to dissipate negative energy.

This is a perfect mix for me and could be for you too, if you are looking to find joy and balance in your life.

They are easy to use. I drink filtered water. After pouring it in, you only need to wait 15 minutes, to get the water infused with the crystals’ gorgeous energy. And believe me, crystal water tastes very different from filtered or tap water.

In the Joy range you can also find:

  • Awareness
  • Balance
  • Abundance

but these are the subjects for another time.

These are amazing bottles to remind you of drinking more water.The glass bottles have a screw top, so treat for office use, or for home. The junior ones are more suitable for travel. I do love them too, can’t see why an adult won’t be able to proudly carry it with them. They are slightly smaller, as you can see below. They are slightly smaller, made of safe plastic and the disadvantage is, you can’t change the crystal insert, but you might not want to.

I am an affiliate partner for these products, please click this link to purchase one or more for yourself or as a unique, thoughtful gift. The Psychic Tree – Water Bottles

With love


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