Soul Trees Part 4. – Tree of Unconditional Love & Transformation by Eva Maria Hunt

My Soul Trees painting series is constantly expanding. The previous 3 trees were, The Tree of Confidence & Balance, the Tree of Creativity and the Tree of Passion. Today I’d like to introduce the Tree of Unconditional Love & Transformation to you.

I originally channelled this painting for one of my lovely clients, who suffers from lack of self-love, self-appreciation and self-compassion. These are actually common issues between most of my clients, who has low self-esteem. Those, who lack the above can benefit from working with this tree.

How to work with it?

There are many different ways you can absorb the colour energies:

  1. Look at the painting and visualise as the tiny version of you stepping into the picture. Imagine you merge with the tree for a few minutes. Soak up the colours. Feel how the Blue, Yellow, Pink, etc. changes your energy, your mood and cheers you up.
  2. Meditate with the painting. Look at it long enough to feel the colours are flowing off the paper and entering your energy field and physical body. Now try to sense where you feel the different colours in your body. Connect with that part of your body and sense, feel you are absorbing that colour and you might have a sense of the issue that tilted your organ, body part out of balance.
  3. You can use this tree to help you increase your self-worth, self-acceptance, self-compassion, etc. Set your intention which one of these (could be all) you wish to improve. Now all you need is blank cards. Take an A4 cardboard sheet. Cut it into maybe 12- 24 equal rectangles. Every time, when you feel like you have done something towards raising your self-esteem, or the good things happened to you, or the little acts of kindness you have done towards others, you write it on one of the cards and place it in a bowl or on a tray, where you can see it. At the end of the day or week you have a look at them, trying to acknowledge that you made progress and take a photo of them. After a week or month, depending on how often you took pictures, go through them in order and see the difference. You can be surprised how many things your mind took for granted before. Now seeing it in front of you, give yourself permission to feel proud, to let that self-compassion build up and start changing your self-image.
The Tree of Love, Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt Energy, Therapist & Artist
The Tree of Love, Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt Energy, Therapist & Artist

Tree of Unconditional Love & Transformation is full of Love & Light. When it blossoms its flowers form hearts. Even her roots twirl until they become heart shapes.

The energies of this tree are very important in succeeding in life. Without knowing your inner value and appreciating it, you won’t be respected. When you start valuing yourself on the right level, not under, not above your real worth, your world suddenly transforms.

The colours of the tree have healing vibrations, which correspond with your energy being. Yellow strengthens your inner worth and self-confidence, the deep Red helps you grounding with the Earth’s energies. The different shades of Blues are connecting you to the sky/Universe and bringing you healing, calming vibrations. The Pink infuses you with Unconditional Love. And the White/Golden light helps you to raise your vibration and shine, whilst being protected. The Purple colour brings spiritual protection and opens your mind to higher consciousness, which only can be accessed through your heart’s intelligence.

This painting is available to purchase as a print:

Size: A3 / 42cm x 29.7cm
Print: Glossy (photo quality paper is designed to make printed photos look sharp, vibrant and more like a traditional photograph)
Border: No border

Although it is an interactive website, the comments fill up with spams from time to time, so I won’t always receive your questions, comments. etc. If you decide to give it a try and work with the tree, and would like to let me know how you get on please write an email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you

With love


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