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Incenses – The Ritual of Calm

What is an incense?

It is an aromatic material that releases fragrant smoke when burned. There are two forms of it:

  • Incense stick: paste formed around a bamboo stick,
  • Incense cone: paste that is extruded into a cone shape.

What can incenses be used for?

With incenses you can create a ritual for yourself. Light an incense before you start meditation, your yoga or qigong practise or simply, burn one, when you feel agitated, out of balance emotionally or your mind don’t stop racing.

In general they can be perfect for

  • meditation,
  • ceremony
  • cleansing the space around you
  • cleansing crystals…


Fragrances have a huge impact on your being. Smell was, and in a way still is crucial to survival. If you smell smoke that can signal fire that could damage your property or even your life, and similarly, when you smell that the food is off, you are again saving yourself from food-poisoning or even death.

Fragrances are part of energy healing. The effect of an incense depends on the fragrance, the aroma is mixed in. Here are 3 of my favourites:

  • White sage – is perfect for cleansing your aura and your environment. (A bit of warning here, do not use it, when you are pregnant.)
  • Rose – opens your heart chakra and brings a calm feeling of love.
  • Sandalwood – is brilliant to calm mental chatter, and takes you to a deep meditative state.

Incense cones

The Psychic Tree – All Incense

Incense packs

The Psychic Tree – Incense Packs

Incense holders

To be able to use incenses safely and easily you need an incense holder. There are beautiful and very creative designs available now. I love this stand up one. When I simply wish to meditate or create a calm atmosphere I use it in an upright position. However turning it side ways allows me to place my crystals on top, and cleanse them with the smoke of sage, whilst my room is being cleansed too.

Please always open a window or door, when you burn incenses to protect your lungs. Buy incense holders here:

The Psychic Tree – Incense Holders

Incenses can help a lot holistically. Enjoy them

With love



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