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Light Workers, Twin Flames, Ascension, The Divine Masculine and Feminine – Your Questions Answered

I am still in the process of transforming my business, so it truly reflects the wisdom I have gained throughout the 10 years I have been consciously walking my spiritual path. I have been in my cocoon for a few months now to birth new ideas going forward, whilst “keeping the lights on” in most areas of my business, and I am very excited to reveal them to you, when I am ready. It’s coming soon!

However this is such an interesting, challenging and energetically charged time I wanted to get in touch, as I was guided to answer some of your questions regarding the above subjects. Which are vast, so I am having a hard time keeping it short. I am going to explain some of them through my own story for now.

In the last decade I have found myself in many difficult situations. I won’t hide it, at the beginning I felt like a victim. I felt really sorry for myself, wondering why I have to hit so many obstacles, when others just happily walking their own path. When I realised I am not a victim and took responsibility, I started blaming myself, and wanted to find out what the hell I was doing wrong, why I couldn’t just be happy and abundant in all areas of my life.


Logic vs. Intuition

I first transformed from “being in my head all the time”, i.e. only listening to my logic, to using my intuition. It really helped to navigate these rapid waters and suddenly my life started to make sense. However this shift pushed me from one extreme to the other, i.e. fully unleashing my long imprisoned feminine side: my creativity, my nurturing, giving nature and my healing abilities. It was a brand new experience, often scary, but I have enjoyed this freedom so much. Of course my masculine side started to feel neglected after a while, and really wanted me to set boundaries, but my feminine said: “No, I am not having that. You have ruled for decades, now it is my turn!”

Woman, Fierce and Gentle by Eva Maria Hunt

Well, needless to say, when we are out of balance, after a while, the Universe steps in to force us to do the right thing. So whether I liked it or not I had to learn the importance of balancing my masculine and feminine energies. By the way we all have them inside of us, regardless of our gender.

As I have opened up more to the Spiritual World I discovered the different energy setups we have inside of us and understood the different life paths they dictate. So I soon got an idea of mine being all about expression and inner gifts. And the expression did start to show up in my life through my articles, drawings and later on through my spiritual art.

These discoveries have opened my eyes to issues that I had to find the strength for to overcome. They also guided me to teachers and knowledge I had to be aware of in order to progress in my personal life and I was guided to share my wisdom with my clients and students through my healing work and recently through my art.


Twin Flames, Ascension and The Divine Masculine & Feminine

In the process of becoming an artist I discovered that I channel information from the Universe, so my artworks are loaded with evoking subjects, the energies of emotions, which provide healing and support for the viewer, through the subjects of the artworks and the energies of the colours. This year I have received lots of downloads from the Universe in the subject of Divine Masculine and Feminine, which is not a surprise. The Universe right now is helping us to balance them out within ourselves, with each other, in society, in the world, and at large, in the Universe.

The Man (Divine Masculine) by Eva Maria Hunt
The Woman ( Divine Feminine) by Eva Maria Hunt


Because everything that is happening now is part of the ascension process. The collective of humanity is moving between dimensions, ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. And Twin Flames are the way-show-ers in this process, because they already have a 5D connection, and help raising the collective vibration and consciousness.

Although Twin Flame connections are really special, they are really hard too!!! They say it’s one soul in two bodies… or two people, who are one at heart… or one soul with two hearts. The reason why it is confusing to even trying to describe it is, because the illusions of the dense 3rd dimension distort what we see. And it doesn’t give us the framework either in the material world to understand. Because we are all souls, vast energy beings, spanning through multiple dimensions.. Whichever way we define them, the point is twin flames are embodying this connection between the Divine Masculine and Feminine within themselves. They have a contract for a mission to help humanity to ascend.

Love-struck by Eva Maria Hunt

The twin flames have a connection in the 5D in addition to the 3D. It means they are energetically tied together. This is usually triggered, when they first meet in 3D. Being in a twin flame connection is not obvious, even to you two, who have that contract. It takes a while, can be years, to realise that you are so connected, you can’t stop thinking about each other, you have a very strong, un-explainable pull towards each other, you might feel each others’ emotions, have telepathic connection, intense sexual attraction and other “symptoms” too… There is such thing as false twins i.e. you feel you are, but turns out you are not, because you might have just met a soul from your past-life, who brought you lots of light. You get lots of information on the internet regarding twin flames. The Universe usually sends you signs, let’s you know, so you feel/sense/know it for sure, however crazy it seems. Also awakening to a twin flame connection depends on your vibration and state of spiritual development. This is a connection, like no other!!! Very different from soulmates… It’s only the two of you, who can feel you are twins. You have often met each other in past-lives and work through lots of karma.

The Divine Feminine Part of the soul, (who is not necessarily a woman) is a light worker, a healer. When she heals certain parts in herself, it is mirrored in her Divine Masculine (who can be in a women’s body too). They are both teachers for each other, triggering each other to heal different parts of themselves to take down the energetic barriers and unite in Unconditional Love…


Your Own Divine Masculine and Feminine

Even if you are not in a Twin Flame connection I encourage you to view your own Divine Masculine and Feminine as LOVERS. Some people think of them as mother and child. That is wrong. Yes, you do have to heal your inner child, but He/She is the fruit of the love of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. So when you work on your inner child, you are healing these energies in you.


Light Workers, Love or Fear – The Battle between Light and Shadow

I did feel that I am a light worker for most of this decade, but I couldn’t truly understand what it meant until recently, when I opened up to even higher consciousness and the answers started to pour in.

This is such an amazing time being alive right now on this planet. And believe me there is a reason you are right here, right now. I go one step further, you wanted to be here!!! Doesn’t feel like it? Let’s see, if I can jog your “soul memory”.

In the last 10 years my main focus was on providing emotional healing through Reiki therapy, Law of Attraction coaching and Spiritual guidance for my clients. Their issues were mainly revolving around imbalance in finances, jobs, relationships, their life purpose, and as a result feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, angry, etc.

As in the energy world, like attracts like, I seemed to attract clients, whose path or energy set up was similar to mine, so most of them turned out to be sensitive intuitives and empaths, who didn’t understand their energies, how and why they are different from others and how to deal with what they have got. A big percentage of my clients turned out to be light workers too.

I have seen hundreds of clients with seemingly different issues, but the root of their problems were pretty much the same: lack of self-worth, self-confidence, self-respect, self-love…, which surprise, surprise… I had to overcome too at different points of my life.

Eternal Love by Eva maria Hunt

I had an interesting and adventurous life before, but when the spiritual world opened up for me everything got much more intense. This last decade of my life was the most amazing one so far. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all glitter and shine and full on happiness. I hit rock bottom more times than ever before. A few years ago I literally fell apart energetically due to encounters with dark forces I never knew existed before, which almost completely consumed me to the point, I lost the will to live. Luckily I have some amazing angels in the form of close friends, who helped me through it. I am so very grateful for that.

Refugees of The Quantum Game (Shadow & Light) by Eva Maria Hunt

Who is a light worker?

Before I go into that, just let’s remind ourselves a few facts, which I should have done to start with, so we are on the same page. We are all made of energy. Our thoughts, emotions and physical body is energy and everything that exist in our Universe and beyond that is all energy.

We are spirit in human body. We are all souls, having a human experience. We live in a matrix, playing the game of our life. This game is about choices between love and fear/light and shadow.

You wanted to be part of this battle between light and shadow. “ You have put your hand up” as a soul, you wanted to bring more light to this world. Yes, there is lots of struggles, heartache, issues and problems to overcome, I feel it too, but also a chance we never had before on this planet, i.e. to chose our future, manifest from our hearts, chose love over fear to create a better world, a better future.

There are two main types of light workers based on their soul history. The warrior souls, who consciously “confronted” shadow to get to know it and as a result stand in their power, hold their light against dark forces. They have very hard lives and past-lives going through this learning process. The other type is, who are not so comfortable in dealing with shadow. They did meet it, but they are not so deeply wounded. Either way light workers stand in their light, hold it strong, so they can guide others out of darkness. They bring joy, love, laughter and harmony, whether they actually have a profession of being a healer or not.


I know I have just touched on these subjects. I have tried to pull all the answers together to your questions. I will focus on each of them more, at a later date.

For now I just would like to encourage you to find joy in your life. Love yourself fiercely, unconditionally and do not give up!

If you need help in any of the above areas, please do get in touch. It is a difficult journey, you don’t have to go through it on your own. And please know it is not a weakness to ask for help. I offer in person healing and online coaching, mentoring sessions, Qigong for Health Workshops and Classes, personal art and art commissions and more.

Please contact me! I would love to help you on your journey!

With love



T: 07905 806383

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