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My blog provides you with Tips, Tools & Services for The Joy & Fun of Healing Transformation To Feel Enough. It focuses on the popular and fun side of energy healing, which you can safely apply at home, and incorporate smoothly into your every day life. This way you can align Mind, Body and Soul, reduce stress, enjoy life with newly gained energy and a different view of the world.

Why I Named My Blog Purple Butterfly?

Butterflies  symbolise transformation, change, rebirth, renewal and happiness. They represent the joy and happiness of transformation.

I have helped hundreds of women to transform into their better selves with my healing services and products since 2010, when I have established my business in holistic healing. And I also went through a huge transformation in the last 9 years.

I have been running a blog between 2011 and 2016, writing articles on a regular bases. However my business and life took me on different path, and I didn’t have time any more to commit to my blog.

This June, after a long period of hard work of reaching new heights of awareness and consciousness, I have my focus back on writing. I believe it is a good way to share my knowledge, experience and light with those, who are interested in the subjects I am passionate about.

And I do have many passions. In this blog I would like to highlight the fun side of holistic healing, giving you actual tools, and ideas, which help you with your own transformation.

Why Purple?

Purple is a high vibrational colour, resonates with the 3rd eye and crown chakras. “It is the colour of spiritual awareness and universal consciousness. Purple encourages us to work effortlessly and unselfishly with the highest intent for the good of all concerned.” June McLeod It is also often chosen as the colour of wrapping luxury goods in.

It says it all really.

Now I share with you something else that is new that you might discover anyway, when browsing through my website.

My transformed, re-branded website and business

My work is about soul-level empowerment, as you see it in my completely re-branded, transformed website.

All my services and products are built around helping those, who had enough or don’t feel enough to go through a healing transformation with my help and finally feel enough, feel loved enough and be seen for who they really are. You find the old trusted services, you know from me, and products too. There are new ones lined up too, which will make their entrance at the launch of my new brand.

Please sign up to my blog and feel free to browse my website!

Any questions, do ask!

With love





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