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Cleanse Your Organs to Raise your Vibes – Qigong and The Law of Attraction

How The Law of Attraction relates to your emotions?

The Law of Attraction works with the frequency that your dominant thoughts and emotions radiate out to the Universe. It literally reflects back to you, what you send out to it. Therefore when you try to work with The Law of Attraction, your efforts can be jeopardized by your very emotions.

Maybe you dedicated yourself to gratitude and positive affirmations. However, you still could be making your decisions from fear. You could be a worrier, stuck in the loop of your negative thoughts triggering scary emotions. You might be a control freak, afraid of change, who needs to know all the details about everyone and everything. You get the picture. What these behaviors have in common is bringing your overall frequency down, so instead of manifesting abundance, you keep creating a lack of money, a lack of love, i.e. the exact opposite of what you are aiming for.

How do your emotions connect to your organs?

As the entire Universe is made of energy, so do you, your emotions, and your organs. Chinese Medicine believes that humans are storing emotions in their organs. The 5 main organs connect to different sets of emotions, both positive and negative.

In what way you can work with your organs?

I have been teaching Qigong, a magnificent self-healing art since 2014, which is based in Chinese Medicine.  It allows you to manage and cultivate Your Life Force Energy by working with your

  • Meridian lines run through your organs.
  • Breath.
  • Gentle movements and
  • Intentions.

Through a consistent Qigong practice, you can release the negative, and amplify the positive energies within your aura. With the help of intentions, you are also able to connect with your energy bodies and Higher Self, ultimately with your soul.

In one of my upcoming Qigong workshops, I teach the above, along with guided visualisations, using sound and colour.

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Eva Maria Hunt

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