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Bypass your Mind to take a different approach to Self-Love

Let me ask you possibly the 3 most important questions on your self- and spiritual development journey:

  1. What is your relationship with yourself?
  2. Do you feel worthy? (or do you take yourself for granted?)
  3. Do you love yourself?

Most people I work with, as a spiritual guide and energy therapist are doing ok with the first two questions. But when it comes to self-love they have big problems.

Are you chasing love and trying to find it outside of yourself?

They are being horrible to themselves, really harsh, pushing themselves to their absolute limits to be loved by others. The problem is that they are chasing others to give them love.

The truth is, the love they want to manifest needs to come from within. Because even love works by the rules of The Law of Attraction. This very famous Universal Law says, if you can feel within you the frequency of what you want to bring into your life, you can attract it into your reality.

So the real trap here is, they want to be loved so badly, but they do not love themselves!

The good news is Self-Love is installed in you, but you must bypass Your Mind to succeed

Most people try to love themselves, but their mind keeps stealing the show. Their mind says: Who are they to be loved? Who are they to think they can be different or they can feel differently towards themselves? At the end of the day, their mind has an abundance of evidence: past thoughts, memories, and labels others put on them to prove they are not worthy, not enough, and not lovable…

Self-Love is difficult when they believe they are human only

Even if they know they are spirit with a human body there is so much doubt about what is real and what isn’t. Because the soul part is not visible or tangible. It is very real though. Your soul is yearning to be loved and appreciated!

I have been working with clients for more than a decade to find ways to help them love themselves.

I created a workshop, where an energetic approach with qigong techniques allows the participants to bypass their mind.

Check out my workshop material here:

Love Yourself with All Your Heart – Qigong Workshop – Spiritual Wonders (

Find out more about Qigong:

Qigong – Spiritual Wonders (


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Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist, Law of Attraction Coach, Qigong Teacher, Artist

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