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Shift Your Consciousness to Enter a New Dimension!

More than a decade ago, when I was at the beginning of my spiritual path I was reading an article about the war between the light and the shadow forces behind the scenes in our everyday life.
Whilst I was trying to wrap my head around what it meant I started to feel terrified and wished we could avoid it somehow.
Looking back, it was such a silly thing to think! 🙂Because now I know that shadow is an essential part of this “Earth game” and has been part of not only my entire life but also the past-life times I have lived on Earth.
Without this duality, the existence of light and shadow, we wouldn’t be able to choose between light and dark, good and bad, and love and fear.
Becoming aware of this battle on a giant scale requires us to accept that we are a soul, a spirit with a human body. It really is about recognising the duality of our very own nature.
We are souls incarnating on Earth, forgetting about it all at birth and identifying with our human self for at least the beginning of our life. And then slowly we start to awaken to the truth and remember who we are. At least that’s the plan.
Some gets stuck in sleeping mode (3D), others awaken (4D) and start searching…
There are different dimensions that exist around the Earth energetically, holding different levels of conscious light.
The 3rd dimension is mostly the “playing field” of the shadow.
The 4th dimension is an in-between-state, leading to the 5th one, to Unity consciousness.
Many people are awakening right now and start remembering there is so much more to them than being bone and flesh with a brain.
There is a lot at stake here. If we try to simplify things you could think of the light/soul side of you, as a beautiful software of love & joy and shadow is a cunning virus that runs underneath and tries to overtake your thinking, feeling, your perception of who you are and what you are capable of.
The below illustration is based on my channeled painting called Refugees of The Quantum game.
You have wings, which aren’t working in 3D, because Your heart, the seat of your soul is captured by shadow and holds you in limiting beliefs.
Remember you come from the light, and are made of love. That’s what you are searching for in your entire life.
I am an energy healer, spiritual guide and consciousness coach, a lightworker. Helping people to see themselves for who they truly are, so they can live a life of joy and prosperity.
Drop me an email:, if the above resonates with you and you are fed up with struggling and ready to thrive!
Eva x
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