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Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified

Dear FirstName,

Of course, you already know that you’re the powerful Creator of your own experience.  You know that – at least in theory! – you should be able to create whatever reality you desire for yourself.

So why is it that some things seem SO HARD to manifest?  Why is it that all of your efforts create absolutely no results sometimes?

It’s enough to make you wonder whether the Law of Attraction might occasionally be glitchy, right?

That’s why I wanted to introduce you to my friend Andrrea Hess, who has a terrific (and free!) resource to share with you! It’s a webinar called “Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified” and whether you’ve ever heard of the Akashic Records or not, this webinar will explain manifesting in a completely new, grounded and practical way that will explain why you may have been experiencing struggles.

You can sign up here:

Andrea has been reading the Akashic Records, studying the human Soul and teaching others to do the same for the last ten years, and has created remarkable results in her own life as well as for her students with this work!

I think you’ll really find this webinar immensely valuable!  You’ll even receive a replay if you can’t make it to the “live” event.

I hope you enjoy!

With love


Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist


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