Cleanse Your Organs to Raise your Vibes with my upcoming Qigong workshop:10am

The Law of Attraction & Your Organs

  • When? 6pm BST, England, UK/ 1pm EST / 10am Pacific Time / Thursday 22nd June
  • Duration? 60 minutes
  • Where? Zoom video call, online (the link will be sent to you, after payment is received)
  • Is a replay available? Yes, for 72 hours
  • Price: £15.55, approx $19.50 (USD)


What do your organs have to do with The Law of Attraction?

Actually quite a lot.

When you try to work with The Law of Attraction, your efforts can be jeopardized by your very emotions.  Indeed the reality you manifest is depending on your dominant thoughts and emotions and what frequency you are radiating out to the Universe in general.

Qigong is based on Chinese Medicine, which believes that we are storing emotions in our organs. The 5 main organs connect to different sets of emotions, both positive and negative.

What do you get from the workshop?

You learn how to…?

  • Sense & Manage Your very own Life Force Energy,
  • Work with Your Intentions to raise your vibrations,
  • Get out of your mind and ground your energies with your breath,
  • Master Gentle Movements to balance your emotions,
  • Move your emotions with sound & colour healing visualisations…

What is Qigong?

Please click on the below link to find out what qigong is and a little bit about me.

Qigong – Spiritual Wonders (

What My Clients Say?

Very interesting and informative sessions. Everything is clearly explained. Sue, UK

“It’s amazing how my energy changes during a Qigong session. I suffer from anxiety and feel stressed most of the time. When I take time out for Qigong I feel so much calmer and more in control of my mind and emotions.” Theresa, UK