Soulmates – Why does it hurt so much?

I receive so many questions about soulmates through my Reiki Distant Healing Services, I finally decided to address this subject. Here is an example from one of my subscribers’ that captures the main issues regarding soulmates. I have changed some details to protect the privacy of the person.

I met a guy, who I believed was my soulmate

“Three years ago… I met a guy, who I believed was my soulmate. He had a large influence on me mentally and spiritually as well, to become who I am now. Even if we didn’t spend much time together. I always listened to my heart, which was telling many optimistic things to me. I fell in love with him so much… However our relationship wasn’t moving anywhere… I was happy till reality hit me, everything was falling apart… He cut me off completely from his life even though he was telling me ‘I love your soul’. Honestly I didn’t want to live and I nearly committed suicide…  Anyway a year past and I still feel bad… I can’t stop loving him and it makes me sad… Sometimes I think I am going mad, because I am completely confused about what I feel and what is happening in reality. I really can’t take anymore. I can’t stand the pain and fear of losing him forever. I wish to talk to him again, cause I really miss him and that feeling is just growing… Now I’m at crossroads in life. I can’t make any decision till I feel the peace. Please help me.” Carla

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Our souls are here to experience and work out things, karma if you like. It’s not enough, if one of you want to be together. We all have free will and even, if as souls we made a “contract” to help each other, we can choose “not to remember” or simply not to “keep our word”.

I know right now it doesn’t feel like that, but soon you will be able to look back and realise how amazing experience you had and you might even feel grateful for the beautiful times together.

You are likely to meet more than one soulmate during your lifetime

This guy is very likely to be your soulmate, to be more precise, one of them. Life is a wonderful journey with unexpected twists and turns. Finding true love is the most amazing thing that can ever happen to you. For some it lasts a lifetime, for others a few hours or anything in between.

These experiences break hearts and these meetings of souls can be really confusing. You feel that powerful attraction to your soulmate. He amplifies your light, you click with each other, laugh, have fun… Even without the physical connection it’s just such an addictive experience, you feel you are unable to drag yourself out of it, even when you decide there are no ideal circumstances for the two of you to be together in this life time. You have a spiritual connection, which is out of this world. It picks you up, and lifts you to heights you never ever experienced before… and as you said you grow, you learn, you change and develop yourself, you become closer to who you really are. That’s what you need to focus on right now, the positives.

Why does it hurt so much?

However if it doesn’t work out, you fall quickly back to the ground, because one of you is not prepared to change their life. It hits you so hard, it feels like the Universe is pushing you on your knees and is about to tear your heart out… and you are bleeding energy. It hurts and takes a long time to heal. You must stop that leak. You must look inside, connect with your higher-self /soul and find self-love, forgive him and yourself and try to move on. Believe me, it is possible, I talk from experience. You will never forget him, but you can accept that maybe in a parallel Universe it could have worked and how wonderful it would have been… but right now your life goes on and that’s what you need to focus on.

What does the term soul mate mean?

People use the label of soulmate relationship mainly in romantic relationships. However that’s only one type of a soulmate. “The soul mate is anyone, who you feel an intense connection with… who plays an important role in your life…. these connections are marked by intensity.” Nicolya Christi

However not every soul mate relationship has the same intensity. There are the ones, when your heart cracks open, and you feel intense suffering and at the other end of the scale the ones with the earliest awakening of the heart.

And of course with it comes the other element you felt, which is “soul mates are the greatest warriors of the heart, for they will die for Love.” But it is not the death of the physical, as in committing suicide. You feel it on a soul level, because it is the death of your ego, which is needed in order to rise in love.

So to sum it up soulmate relationships are not about finding Prince Charming and living forever after in a fairytale romance. You mirror each other’s imperfections, so issues come to the surface in order to be healed. And that’s the side of a soulmate relationship that most people try to run away from. They are not prepared to do the work, they simply want to take the happy, positive, easy things, so comes the break up, divorce… troubles.

“Soulmate love is the death of the ego… at the very highest level of soulmate relationship, we rise in love to the level of twin souls.” Nicolya Christi

Soulmates, twin souls, twin flame are different levels of the hierarchy with twin flames being on the very top. Let’s continue this subject by talking more about twin souls and twin flames another time.

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