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Entities Exist! – Raising Consciousness – Part 3.

Before I proceed I feel the need to empathise that my aim with this series of articles is simply to raise awareness, become the voice of people, who are silently suffering, and offer solutions, not to create more fear in the world. I wasn’t aware and I had no idea what hit me, when I unknowingly came into contact with people hosting attachments/entities. They nearly managed to destroy me, although I was naturally using the right tools and as a healer I understand a lot about the energy world. So I believe if you are aware of the danger you can prepare and protect yourself from it.

Love vs. Fear – Entities Exist

According to Armin Risi, the previously mentioned Swiss philosopher, “intelligence on its own or connected with the heart are two different things. One is darkness, the other one is light.”

Both darkness and light exist in humans. They are basically reflecting the intentions behind someone’s actions. When you work towards the good, you are choosing the light. When you have bad intentions, i.e. you want revenge, you are unable to forgive, you want to destroy others, you are choosing the dark side. Connecting simultaneously to your two enormous powerhouses of your being: your mind and your heart, ensures your actions are guided by love.

But what happens if they are not? What if negative, arrogant, power hungry people don’t care about love and start destroying others in different ways through violence, fraud, emotional and physical abuse, etc. to feed their greed, superiority complex and so on? It is a real problem, because we, humans respond to negativity with fear immediately, whilst we need time to warm up to love.  What do I mean by that? If I told you, just for fun that “You look really ugly today!”,  you would believe me straight away, taking it personally, possibly feeling a bit hurt and would try to do something about how you look. However if I said: “You look gorgeous today!” – it’s very unlikely you would feel like, “Thanks, it’s so lovely of you, I do appreciate you making me feel good…” instead you would think “Why is she saying that? What the hell does she want from me?” Right?

It’s either Love or Fear – You can’t feel them at the same time

So although Love is stronger than Fear, you need to be able to actually feel that love in your heart. And whilst you are in doubt, thinking what intention is behind a positive comment, negative emotions are creeping in, going against love.

On the top of that people with dark intentions can knowingly or unknowingly attract allies, entities, what belong to the dark side. Most of the time these people  won’t even know they are hosting these dark forces. And unfortunately very few people, who meet with the ones with attachments will be able to recognise that they are not themselves, i.e. they have attachments.

 What entities are?

As it is not my area of expertise, I simply was a target of two people with attachments, trying to destroy me, I consulted with Ildiko Hodnik’s book: A Lelek Teste (in Hungarian), The Body of the Soul in my free translation, for a little explanation.

Entities exist Raising consciousness Part 3

Entities are formless energy conglomerations, which hold an energetic charge. They cannot manifest in a physical form, because they don’t have the capacity to create the amazingly complex energy system that we, humans are capable of, therefore they attach to a human energy system and hold it under partial or sometimes, but more rarely full control.

There are many different types of entities and they can be formed in many different ways. They can be earthbound spirits, ghosts, alien entities, etc. They can be attached to a human energy system, or can take it over completely. Either way the host is partially or fully controlled by the entity. These people with attachments do things, which they wouldn’t in their “normal state of being”. And you guessed these are not nice things the entities make them do, increasing the darkness in our world.

How Entities can get access to the human energy field?

I will quote here a website that I have found very informative in this subject:

Attachment- A spirit or entity will watch and wait for a moment of weakness and literally attaches itself to a person, much like a leech. It then feeds off their energy over a period of time, slowly moving its way into the person until they become so weak that they are open for possession or become possessed.

Possession – is when a spirit or entity breeches your active free will in some way to get inside and take control of your body. Stronger entities don’t mess with the slow process of attachment they go straight for the prize.” For more on this subject click this link: https://www.texasghostandspirit.com/parasitic-entities/entity-and-spirit-attachment-and-possession-and-symptoms/

Is everyone equally in danger of having an attachment or being possessed?

No. Aggressive, violent, negative people are more likely to become hosts. Negative people in general are vibrating on lower frequencies, being full of fears, worries, having serious self-esteem issues, such as the one present in narcissistic personality disorder and an extreme dose of bad intentions…

Again I consulted with the knowledge of experts to bring you more information about this subject. So here are examples of unintentionally attracting an attachment or becoming possessed: “it can be as simple as negative thoughts that go astray, hatred towards someone, a moment of anger or rage where control is lost, overwhelming feelings of guilt or sadness, suicidal thoughts, reckless behaviour or over indulging in bad habits. There are cases where ghosts and other types of spirits already inhabit a place and something is done to stir them in to action.” For more on this subject, click on this link: https://www.texasghostandspirit.com/parasitic-entities/entity-and-spirit-attachment-and-possession-and-symptoms/

Sometimes negative people hide behind this and try to dodge responsibility for their actions by saying they must be possessed. But not all negative people are, thank Goodness. Most of them are simply aware, what they are doing, they are just too lazy to get help, and find their way out of their controlling, negative habits and expect others just to accept them and get on with them.

What if you are a generous, loving, giving person, you can’t possibly be in danger. Right? Why dark forces don’t just want to avoid you? The short answer is someone with bad intentions decided to take you down, and they knowingly or unknowingly attracted an entity, so now with joint forces they are coming at you, counting on your self-doubts, and feeding your fear, so you don’t feel the love and can fall prey to them. The more fear you feel the stronger they get. At least that is their plan. But love destroys them.

Are their signs, symptoms someone has an entity attached to them?

Yes. Please visit the link I have already provided above, for the possible mental and physical changes in the host. Here I only list the ones I observed in the person with attachment.

  • They feel tired all the time for no obvious reason.
  • A sudden change in their attitude and behaviour.
  • Becoming abusive or threatening for no reason.
  • Changes in their sleep patterns.
  • Changes in their personal hygiene.
  • They may perform an act of humiliation, such as urinating themselves…
  • Unusual changes in diet (not liking food they loved before, or start liking food they never liked before, or hardly eating anything…)

 What can you do to protect yourself from Dark Forces? – 3 quick tips

Tip 1. – Keep away! Have no or as little contact with the person as possible.

Tip 2. – If you can’t get away, wear or carry Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian crystals to ward off negativity. I carry a Black Tourmaline for protection and a Clear Quartz one to boost my energies, mend holes in my aura, cleanse it and protect it. I also wear healing crystals as jewellery, like a Turquoise bracelet with my spirit animal. For me it acts as a reminder of I am not a victim and I have Divine helpers in the form of spirit animals, angels, spirit guides, who I can turn to for help, when needed.

Tip 3. – Whatever you do, you must stay positive. The entity wants you to become negative, it wants to destroy your self-esteem, make you doubt yourself, wants you to feel miserable, frustrated… When you do feel these negatively charged emotions, you are not only helping them to reach their goal to destroy you, but you are making them stronger by feeding them with your fears. However love, positivity, kindness… and light can keep you protected, because entities are threatened of love and can be destroyed by love.

Use positive affirmations, prayers, ask for the help of angels, carry out guided visualisation to build love towards yourself and to raise your vibrations.

I think now you get the idea of how light and darkness love and fear constantly battle with each other on a huge scale in our life time and each one of us has an important role to play, by taking sides, hopefully the right one to contribute to building, rather than destroying our world.

Love vs. Fear, the fight is on. The question is: Which side are you on?


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