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The Gift of Humans with Holly Jo Buchard Part 1 – Walk-in souls, Hybrids & Light Language Clearing

The Gift of Humans

is a fascinating 2 parts interview with Holly Jo Bouchard, an extraordinary alchemist and healer on my show, #SoulAlchemy, on #gnostictv.
In part 1, we explore concepts of walk-in souls, hybrids, and the transformative power of light language healing, as she unveils her captivating journey of self-discovery, where different aspects of her soul empower and challenge her, revealing the awakening of her true essence.
Her story will both astonish and inspire you.

Meet Holly Jo Bouchard

“Hey there! I’m a proud resident of Midland, Michigan, where I share my life with my amazing husband, Rob, and my grown son, who’s just a stone’s throw away. I’ve always been the “service to others” type, fighting injustice and advocating for those in need. But, I’m not all serious—I’ve got an entrepreneurial, artsy side and a love for all things esoteric, spiritual, and historic.
Fun fact: I was that nerdy girl who spent her lunch hours in the library reading encyclopedias for kicks! Now, as a Multi-Universal esoteric coach, my mission is to help you unleash the powerful, sovereign being that you are. I’ll unlock your awareness about the unseen world around us and guide you to live a magically aligned life with your soul’s purpose and joy.
Oh, and I’ll energetically trigger you to discover your unique talents and restore your spiritual connection to self-love and freedom while having a blast exploring universal mysteries together. So, if you’re up for some soul-clearing, shamanic journeying, and a sprinkle of “light language” magic, I’m your go-to gal!
I’m a multidimensional wellness coach, alchemist, and a catalyst for soul realignment. Plus, I dabble in everything from oracle readings to galactic channeling.

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