Raise Your Vibes & Attract Your Vibrational Match with Energy Coaching

Helping female managers / strong women with a broken relationship to let go of subconscious fear patterns, raise their vibes & find love.

Relationships are complicated, I grant you that. Whether you are in one, left one, being kicked out of one or would like to form a new one.

It all leads back to the most important relationship, the one, which you have with yourself. Yes, that one! Whether you know it or not, you are a beautiful Energy Being, who constantly gives off energy vibrations. The frequency of that is the key to who or what you attract into your life, and how the two of you are getting on in a relationship.

  • Do you feel unable to stand up from the shock of your husband wanting a divorce out of the Blue?
  • Have you lost hope with dating, not believing any more there is a man somewhere out there, who is your perfect match?
  • Are you in a new relationship, but something feels off, Red flags are keep popping up?
  • Do you find it difficult to overcome your own fears and old patterns of behaviour, which clearly are not serving you any more, causing you heartache?

As a result you can feel all sorts of negative emotions and become emotionally, drained and exhausted:

  • angry, frustrated, irritated
  • like half of you is missing
  • stuck
  • worthless, not enough
  • resentful at times, when others just keep taking from you, leaving you feeling alone & used…

Attracting or maintaining a good relationship is all about your energy vibration, which is affected by your experiences regarding your previous relationships. The emotions you are holding onto, the thoughts they are triggering… become your dominant vibration. All of this mixed with your own beliefs about yourself and relationships in general is determining what kind of relationships you are attracting into your life.

Adjust Your Energy Vibration

I would love to help you adjust your vibration, by working out what holds you back, so you can find your partner, who is energetically the right match for you.

My method is simple:

During the course of 4 energy coaching video sessions, which costs £192 (£48/session) I help you:

  • Identify your patterns of behaviour, fears and limiting beliefs
  • Applying my method to work through them
  •  Using personalised energy tools to connect you with your soul’s wisdom and help you form a new mind set, energy habits & emotional state of being that is allowing you to either make your current relationship better or attract a new one, which is more aligned with who you are.

I absolutely LOVE to inspire others and see them transform / shift into a higher frequency, the world of being connected to their vast soul power, creating what they want in their relationship and in their life.

Are you ready to make this shift?
Drop me a message or go to https://spiritual-wonders.com



What my clients say?

“I have nothing but a glowing respect and admiration for the care and attention that you paid to me as someone who was semi sceptical about the whole process of spiritual growth and healing. It was a very rewarding experience for me, and somewhat of an eye opener, as well as big help in setting me on a clear and insightful path, in terms of my relationship that had broken down. You showed me a way of recognising and dealing with the pressure involved with a relationship breakdown when I was on my own, as well as treating me with care and respect when I was in any of our sessions. In short, thank you so much for looking after me and helping me to heal. Thank you.”