Relationship Coaching

Falling in love is easy, but how do you fall out of love?

How do you fall out of love, when your husband suddenly wants a divorce?
Your whole world collapses, you are in shock… and then slowly you start beating yourself up for not being enough. You get separated and then divorced and you still feel like a part of you is missing, you are half of a woman and everything reminds you of him… Weeks, months and years go by. Seemingly you are ok, you are focusing on your work, your friends.., but inside you are still hurting.
Then you start dating with more or less success, but it doesn’t seem to work out… And you either become cynical or start beating yourself up even more.

So why is it you are unable to find someone?

Were you cursed or something? From the energy point of you are giving off vibes that are not in alignment with who you are and who you wish to attract to yourself. (And i am not talking about chemistry here.) The reason? You are repressing a part of you, which creates low vibrational energy that energetically pushes away your true match. So is there such thing as falling out of love?
I believe energy never gets lost, just being transformed. So let’s start working on bringing your vibes into alignment with who you are to attract the partner you want.

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