Energy forecast for all zodiacs 23-29th January 2023

The week’s energies ( 23-29 Jan. 2023) ask you to focus on how you feel.
Why? Because your feelings are your Super Power. They help you to close the past and keep making positive changes that you will be thankful for in the near future.
2023 is all about energy shifts and changes. If you do not move with the flow of energy, you can get seriously stuck, fall physically or mentally ill and become really frustrated.
We start the week from the energy of the Caterpillar / opportunity (4)
This is about realising an opportunity that you can only see if you feel confident about yourself and about who you are.
Benefactor / grace and generously (3) by practising gratitude you can find your equal in business or love. Someone that you can collaborate with in some way.
Magician’s sword / confidence in your magic(37, 3+7=10) reminds you of your true power. You do not need to squeeze yourself small, so others can feel comfortable in your presence. You can’t keep apologising for wanting to learn more, experience more, be more…
Wailing tree /reconciliations (59, 5+9=14, 1+4=5) this energy brings you a long overdue change that is going to turn your luck around in love or at work.
Dragon’s hoard / protecting the future (12, 1+2=3) Be humble, share your wealth, whether it’s money, knowledge or talent, do not keep it all to yourself. You meant to shine and bring light to your life and light up others’ life.
It’s going to be an amazing ride with a very positive change. Keep going.
NEW! Virgos, if you wish to see what this week holds you in love watch my video on it!
Eva x
Spiritual Guide, Law of Attraction Coach, Artist
Helping women to connect with their Core Individuality and soul purpose to celebrate the brilliance of their True Self

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