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Twinflames – Where we are at? Channelled

Twinflames are a very special kind of connection. It is hard to navigate and leaves you clueless for the most part, when your counterpart disappears, goes silent. These silent phases are actually important periods of growth and integration.

In this channelled video I have asked where twinflames are at currently. It is a new type of reading so it starts off a bit slow, sorry about that, however the wisdom shines through. Magic. Integration in separation and no communication is the phase right now, looking within, growing in silence… With lots of potential for the connection.

Twinflames are psychic, so you very likely sense, know already your truth. It is nice though to get a little confirmation on the matter sometimes. Enjoy.🙏✨

Although the main characteristics of the twinflame journey are similar there are many differences too.
If you are in need of personal guidance do get in touch. With love Eva


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About Eva

Eva is expert in Love Matters with more than 10 years experience in the field of energy healing and coaching, working with individuals from all walks of life in person and recently online. Eva gathered 6000+ subscribers on YouTube, which she built up in the last few months with  love readings.

  1. Eva’s audience is made up of spiritually gifted people: Lightworkers, Starseeds, Empaths, etc in Twinflame and or soulmate connections looking for guidance and energy healing to speed up their progress.

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