Soul Trees – Part 3. – Tree of Passion by Eva Maria Hunt

After introducing you to the Tree of Confidence & Balance in part 1., and the Tree of Creativity in part 2., here is my third Soul Tree, the Tree of Passion, which is deeply rooted in Mother Earth’s nurturing soil. It reaches all the way up to the sky, becoming balanced and forms a channel for the Universal energies to flow through it.

The Law of Choices

The good news is creative energy is constantly flowing through you from the Universe. The bad news is even if its’s not in a constructive way creative energy is always being expressed.

Manifesting creative energy in a constructive way could be any creative project you take on, such as a drama class, writing a daily journal, rearrange, redecorate, solve a problem, do volunteer work, or change your career path from working in a corporate environment to become an artist, etc. If you choose a negative way of expressing this very same energy (this choice is subconscious) it might mean that the inner tension, which is building up in you, because you are not expressing your creative energy in a positive way, finds its way to be expressed so you turn to alcohol or drug use, over-eating, smoking, do anything that helps you to feel that tension in you is easing. (Dan Millman – The Life You Were Born To Live)

As you possibly realised by now, you can make a conscious decision to make better choices in your life by changing your bad habits (negative ways of expressing your energy) to good ones, i.e. expressing it in a constructive way.  I created this tree to remind you of this, and help you with its energy vibrations. Your passion represents your creative energy. You can use this image for visualisation to assist you in grounding these creative energies.

Tree of Passion, Soft Pastel by Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist & Artist

Visualisation to Meditate / Work with my painting

Take some deep, slow breaths and imagine yourself stepping into the tree and becoming this tree for a short while. Feel that you are connected: i.e. through the branches of the tree you have access to the Universe’s wisdom, which is flowing down as an energy river through the top of your head all the way down to your heart centre. This powerful flow of energy puts you in touch with your inner guidance. As you see on the picture this Universal Energy or Light is cascading all the way down to the roots of the tree, grounding your creative energies. As a result you feel your confidence strengthening, you start owning your power and you are now projecting your light into the Universe. You start glowing with this Golden light and and become radiant, as the Tree of Passion does on the picture.

This painting works with all of your chakras through the colour vibrations. The Red represents safety, Orange is your passion and creative power, Yellow, your self-confidence and Yellowish Green is surrounding the tree to represent your hearts’ amazing energy field, healing and love. The shades of Blue are resonating with your Throat Chakra, Purple with you 3rd Eye Chakra, whilst the White is connecting you to the Universe, through your Crown Chakra.

This painting is available to purchase as a print:

Size: A3 / 42cm x 29.7cm
Print: Glossy (photo quality paper is designed to make printed photos look sharp, vibrant and more like a traditional photograph)
Border: No border

Soul Trees – Part 4. – Tree of Love by Eva Maria Hunt

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