Energy Forecast for all zodiacs 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2023

This week ( 31st Jan – 6th Feb. 2023.) You can turn the corner…
The energy you are currently in is the awareness of The Divine matrix / Galactic mushroom (24). Knowing that there is another way to live, but not sure yet how.
The week starts with the energy of Lost in space / needing direction (36). It’s like your Soul self / Higher Self / Angelic self is looking at your earthly identity and wondering, when you will realise there is so much to you.
Skywriting / the fates (49) is all about doing what you meant to do in this lifetime. Switching from the awareness of being human only to being a spirit with a human body. Also making a choice between struggling and believing that you can thrive.
Drifter / experiencing life as it comes (14) you decide to give it a chance i.e. going with the flow. Trusting your soul’s guidance.
Feast of plenty / choices and their consequences (20) it asks you to make a choice. This journey is all about experiencing different states of being. So stop overanalyzing! Listen to your intuition and see where it takes you.
Just do it! And you might be very pleasantly surprised!
Here is the link to find out what this week’s energies mean in love for Virgos:
Eva x
Spiritual Guide, Natural Healer & Soul Artist
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