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Must have books for Crystal Lovers

Nine years ago, when I fell in love with gemstones, the very first book I have bought to get to know more about them was, Judy Hall’s book, The Crystal Bible. I have been using it ever since.

The Crystal Bible – Volume 1

It is very detailed, it explains the healing properties of the crystals on all levels: spiritually, psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically. You can also find a picture of the crystal and a description of its different varieties.



Volume 1 is an everyday essential about the most popular crystals you would easily come across. and believe me, there a lot of them. It also talks about crystals in general: what they are, where they come from, how to care for them, how to meditate with them, and a little bit about how to use them for healing. There is a section about chakra crystals and birthstone crystals, which could be helpful for a beginner or a for a seasoned healer.

If you wish to go further, in Volume 2 you can find 200 more crystal descriptions.

To get the full scope of crystals, Volume 3 introduces 250 rare crystals and new generation ones.  It also talks about crystal skulls, and the new chakras, which are being activated as our energy vibration and level of consciousness gets higher and higher.

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Crystal Therapy

In my opinion the other must have book is Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and Judith Lukomski.

One of the authors is an expert on communicating with angels and the latter one is a crystal energy healer. Their knowledge together makes this book so interesting.

Amethyst is my favourite gemstone and the archangel I work with most closely is Archangel Michael. It was surprising to find if you want to work with Amethyst, you need to call upon Archangel Michael.

In this book the crystal description is really short in the traditional form. For the above mentioned Amethyst this is what you find:

“This calming, protective stone is an excellent meditation tool that accelerates the development of psychic abilities.”

However there are channelled messages added to them on how the crystals can be approached and how you can work with their essence.

For example my other favourite stone is Black Tourmaline. Strangely enough Archangel Michael is involved with this one too, also Archangel Gabriel. The message for Black Tourmaline is:

“A shield of magnetic protection envelops you, when I’m near, so invite me into your business settings to guide and look after you, and place me near your computer to reduce stress.”

You can also learn about vrystal therapy, crystal grids, crystals and sacred geometry, crystal care, etc.

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I hope you find these books helpful.

With love


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