Have you noticed the buzz in my biz in the last 6 weeks? Let’s open some fizz to celebrate!

I honestly feel like I am at the Academy Awards Ceremony, winning the Oscars in the category of “batshit crazy chick”, 🏆✨
as I am saying thanks to all the amazing people, who helped and supported me over this really tense period of my life: Soul brothers and Sisters, Friends and Family… 🙏💛

My aim is always to help my clients shine brightly. In order to provide the best service to them, my business was due for a giant makeover. I did hit rock bottom a few times in the last 4 years, the most painful one being loosing my dad.
But I stood up, even though it was the toughest one to date. (He would be very proud. 💔)

Now it’s all fresh and full of life I can take a well-deserved mini holiday.
However, before I go I want to bring it all together, so you can see all the new and existing services together.

1) ✨I STARTED my show, Soul Alchemy on Gnostic Tv, recorded:✨

– Soul Alchemy through The Eyes of a Starseed
– Making of The Divine Human
– Star Power, Ascension & Abundance interview with Jay Matta & April Villarose-Matta
– and another amazing interview with Holly Jo Bouchard… coming soon…

2) ✨Been interviewed by Jay & April on Spiritually Raw:✨

3) ✨BIRTHED to life the HEALING PODCAST I always wanted to do,✨

which resides on my Moon Goddess Oracle Virgo Love & Healing YT Channel, not just for Virgos!
Published three of the episodes so far:
– Reiki & depression, Re-igniting your soul fire
– Feng Shui your life to better health, job, new love
– Crystal Alchemy – Unleashing the power of Master Healer Crystals


which connects to my Virgo love readings, with all the extended readings to mid & top tier members.
– Introduced new perks, including a Loyalty program for the Top Tier: Virgo Super Stars
Tier 1 – Star
Tier 2 – Virgo Shining Star
Tier 3 – Virgo Super Star


Tier 1 – Just chilling
Tier 2 – Healing Lounge
Tier 3 – Ascension Hub, which provides deeper insights to the podcast subjects offered on my YouTube channel.

6) ✨RE-DESIGNED my WEBSITE at www.spiritual-wonders.com✨
– Re-structured my services
* Personal Readings (new formats)
* Healing & mentoring (new format) – to correct certain patterns
* Soul Alchemy (brand new package) – for life-changing impacts

– Adjusted my prices, as for 4 years they have stayed the same, whilst I was shifting through some giant life challenges.

7) ✨Brought back to life my BLOG✨

8 ✨I kept on going with my normal day-to-day✨ video recordings for YouTube & TikTok, plus have been working with my gorgeous clients all along.

I always knew I had amazing resilience and I am a strong woman. However, the sheer amount of work needed to be done was a huge challenge. And I have to admit, it nearly broke me.
I decided this was the last stretch, never again I will push myself to my absolute limits.

The astrological and energetic environment was amazingly supportive with the giant shift the Total Solar Eclipse provided, but this Scorpio Full Moon a few days ago really brought me down on my knees.

It was worth it though. My business really feels alive again, with wings this time. It really is able to fly… And I am not done! There is more to come to help people on their ascension journey.

Cheers to big achievements and a brand new chapter, where intstead of sweat and hard work now we can focus on being and living light-heartedly, having fun and enjoying life whilst we can. ✨❤️

With love, as always
Eva 🥂🍾

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