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Are you stuck in your job, have relationship or money issues? Law of Attraction and Energy Coaching is The Solution

Are you stuck in your job, have relationship or money issues?

Mind, Body and Soul

If you have heard of energy healing or quantum physics, you know that everything in the Universe, including you, is made of energy. Therefore you are an amazing energy being, who is radiating on a certain frequency. Life Force Energy is pulsating through every particle of your being, including your physical body. So the three different dimensions of your being are Your Mind, Your Body and Your Soul (spirit and emotions).

Law of Attraction Coaching
Law of Attraction Coaching

Your Powerful Thoughts and Emotions

However most humans are so obsessed with focusing on what they are aware of i.e. their physical body only, they think they are it. Nothing else, but flesh and blood. Well, that’s a mistake, because they are so much more than that. Just think about it, you have thoughts, which are powerful brainwaves constantly impacting the level of your energy vibration. You also have emotions. And when they are charged you know what force they can create, whether it’s anger or happiness we talk about.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law. And it is all about energy vibrations that radiate out of you into the Universe. It’s like you are a radio tower sending energy waves into the ether. If we stay with this example, at the other end there is the radio itself, which receives these energy waves and translates them into sound, so you can understand the messages, when you listen to it.

When the “Universe” receives your energy waves it matches them with the equivalent of them. i.e. it gives back to you exactly what you have deep inside of you. So if you are full of fears and worries about paying your bills, anxiety and negative thoughts about your job and relationship you are radiating on a low frequency and when the Universe translates it into energy it comes back to you as lack of money, issues with your job, relationship…

Tame Your Thoughts and Emotions to live the life You want

So if you wish to attract more money into your life, more love into your relationships and overall more happiness, joy and success to yourself  it’s crucial to understand two things:

  • your own instruction manual i.e. how your energy being works
    • how your negative thought can jeopardise your financial success
    • past hurts, negative emotions keeping you emotionally overwhelmed and unable to move forward
    • how your limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of limiting what you can achieve in life.
  • the language of the Universe i.e. how the Law of Attraction works

So as a result you can create new daily habits and long term strategies based on your newly acquired knowledge to become the creator of your life in a positive way for a change.

And this is where I come to the picture as Your Law of Attraction and Energy Coach

I help you to uncover what holds you back and give you a new strategy customised to your needs and energy setup. along with energy techniques, tips, daily habits that you can implement in your life to become more productive at work, more creative in general and much much happier overall.

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Law of Attraction and Energy Coaching Face to Face in person and via Skype

If you requested Distant Reiki Healing before and were looking for solutions to speed up your healing process these coaching session can help you to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many coaching sessions can I buy in advance?

You can buy one or as many coaching sessions as you wish in advance. Look out for discounts and coaching packages to get a good deal.

How many coaching sessions I need all together and how frequently I need to have them in order to help me with my issues?

It usually takes 4 sessions to create lasting results. And mainly depends on you, how fast you can implement the changes in your life and how many issues you are struggling with. It is usually a good idea to leave 1 week between sessions, so you can apply new habits in your daily life.

Have more questions? Email me:
I look forward to hearing from you

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